Friday, August 5, 2011

Interview with "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin!

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin is one of the fastest rising talents in Ring of Honor. Originally having debuted for ROH in 2006, Elgin finally got a more committed look in 2010 as a part of The House of Truth faction. Elgin joined Two Spot Monkeys to talk about his run in ROH to date, the future of ROH after their sale to Sinclair Broadcast Group and more!

1. Saturday, May 21st in Chicago Ridge, ROH announced that they had been purchased by Sinclair Broadcast Group. This was the same day as “Supercard of Honor VI.” Can you take us through what was going on at the Frontier Fieldhouse and in the locker room that night? What type of vibe was it – excitement, fear, uncertainty, relief?

I truly think the entire locker room was filled with excitement, I know for sure I was. We all love ROH and feel it's the best wrestling company in the world, we all wanted what was best for the company and SBG was and is a huge step. Now more of the world gets to see what everyone is raving about.

2. Prior to that announcement, was there any buzz that something big was going to go down, either good or bad? What was the vibe in the locker room when the HDNet show came to an end?

There was alot of buzz actually, we all had heard something big was in the works and we were excited. I personally thought since we were in Chicago Oprah was going to pick us up! Ok I'm kidding but I did try to get people to believe it.  I was only around for a little bit with HDNET but the feeling I got was now that the company had TV experience we had something to show people to try and get back on TV.  I got the feeling that this time it would be easier to land a deal, and that it would be a bigger platform for the company as a whole.

3. Now as ROH begins a new era, with the TV show on network broadcast television, what does that mean to you? What hope does a show with the number of households with access and new markets for ROH to access give to you or others with the company?

ROH being shown in such a big view is very important. We all believe in ROH and now we can do what we love, in a company we love on a much bigger stage. I know I hope that we can get the viewers which shouldn't be a problem with the talent on the roster, and the guys in control know what they are doing. Our product needs to be seen and now it is going to be. I really couldn't be happier for the company, myself or the other talent in ROH.

4. Jim Cornette in a recent blog stated that ROH plans to be light on the live events going into the Fall and then begin running more events come January. There's actually talk of running 2-3 show loops on a regular basis come 2012. What are your thoughts on that? Do you feel that ROH needs to have 3+ months to establish themselves in SBC markets? Is it hard to wait in a situation like that when it is such a good opportunity?

I mean we all would love a ton of work straight out the gate, but you have to be smart about these things. I mean we could look at it and say well we will do good in these markets lets go there before it airs, and the house is not good. I think it's a great plan, after TV debuts we become a commodity, and it will be about supply and demand. I think the better the show does, the better the draw for live events will be. This is good all around for the company and the talent as a whole

5. You re-debuted in ROH in late-2010 (Survival of The Fittest 2010) as part of The House of Truth. How much of that was planned or being in the right place at the right time? Was there anything that really stuck out to you from working pre-show matches in 2006 to being on the main card in 2010?

Well it was more of right place right time. ROH did a camp in OCT of 2010 and I decided to go to it. When the opportunity came about I was asked to do so and jumped right at it. I had a history with Truth Martini and looked forward to the chance that was given. Really from the outside looking in I feel ROH is still the best wrestling out there just like when I was doing pre-shows in 06-08. I am glad it took time, because now I know for sure I am ready to be a part of something so big. Before I was a little younger, and not as well rounded so time was what I needed

6. How has it been working with Roderick Strong, Truth Martini and until recently Christopher Daniels?

Roderick Strong is a former ROH champion and cornerstone of the company, I am a lucky man to be working so close to him. He's a great in-ring talent and so smart outside the ring. I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity. 
As I mentioned I have a history with Truth, he actually booked me or my first match in 03. I also have to say one of the best minds I have ever been around in wrestling. He gets it, and knows what he is doing. A top notch manager and in my opinion one of the best managers I have seen in a long time.
What can I really say about Daniels that people don't already know? Working with someone with such experience and that is truly amazing, is a godsend. Him, much like Roddy have been great mentors and I respect them both to no end.

7. How do you feel about ROH exploding the iPPV format? Their relationship with Go Fight and the success they’ve experienced is newsworthy. Does that get the locker room excited? Is the approach to an iPPV event different at all?

 IPPV is a great thing to be a part of, now not only are the people in attendance seeing us, thousands more get to see live as well. I think it's great for the company and the talent for so many reasons. The more people who see us, gets the product out there and helps us get out to more places doing what we love. It's hard to say the approach is different, as we all come to ROH knowing we are laying everything on the line every show trying to give the wrestling world something to talk about. I mean the whole locker room gives 110% every show, so maybe on IPPV we give 130%

8. In 2011, you have had what some might call mini-feuds with El Generico and Christopher Daniels. Is there anything you really take away from those series of matches?

First I have to say both of them are truly amazing wrestlers. I feel you learn something every time you step in the ring. With these 2 men though the learning is endless. I think these matches not only helped me grow as a performer but showed the fans I have what it takes to perform at such a high level. These matches made me better, and helped me lay ground work for what I am capable of doing moving forward

9. Based on ROH “Best In The World 2011” it seems like there is a House of Truth vs. Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs feud on the horizon? What thoughts do you have on that? How do you approach that with Corino, a very experience vet along with Jacobs, with a lot of experience and someone you may have a good amount of history with from the Michigan scene?

I think the question is how do they approach it with HOT? We have one of if not the best wrestlers in the world Roderick Strong, the smartest man in wrestling today Truth Martini and the strongest man in wrestling myself all in 1 bundle. I think that's a tall order for Steve Corino and Jacobs wouldn't you say?

10. ROH has shared that positive negotiations have been on-going with Pro Wrestling NOAH for more talent exchange in 2012. Is there someone specific you’d really like the opportunity to get in the ring with? What would the opportunity to go to Japan mean to you?

First off I am a huge fan of NOAH, and I think with their history in ROH Go Shiosaki, Morishima, Kenta and Nakijima are all at the front of the list, and for my personal dream match Kenta Kobashi.

Like I said I am a huge fan of Noah and wrestling as a whole in Japan. When I started it was one of my goals to wrestle in Japan, and I haven’t crossed it off yet so I am still actively trying to get there.

11. Back in the States and Canada, who are some wrestlers in ROH you haven’t met that you would like to face?

 I have been very fortunate to work with alot of the talent in ROH, at ROH or in other companies so matchups that come to mind for ROH would be Chris Hero, Davey Richards, Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly all in singles - Me/Roddy vs. WGTT, Young Bucks (hopefully they come back)

12. Where do you hope to see Michael Elgin in 6 months, 1 year and 5 years?

In 6 months I hope I have spent some time in Japan, 1 Year ROH Champion and 5 Years still ROH Champion.

Two Spot Monkeys would like to thank Michael Elgin for taking time with us to talk about his career!  Michael Elgin returns to action for Ring of Honor on August 13th at their big TV Tapings for the debut of their new show on the Sinclair Broadcast Group networks in Chicago Ridge, IL as he takes on former ROH World Champion, Eddie Edwards!

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  1. Elgin is great.

  2. Great interview. Elgin's passion really shines through in his words and his work.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I was really happy with how the interview turned out as well, Elgin was great to work with as well!

  4. I should add that it's my hope we can have him on Two Spot Monkeys again in the future!

  5. Looking forward to seeing Micheal Eligin in a live show this weekend. He should be amazing to watch.