Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tough Enough Thoughts

Well, Andy did it.  I thought he might, and as the finale went along, I was more and more sure that they'd go with him.  Congrats to him, and here's hoping he gets a shot to make his mark in this business somewhere down the road. 

I really liked the profiles they did on Andy and Luke at the beginning of the finale.  Didn't really see "another side" of them (other than Luke crying) but we saw that what you see is what you get with both guys.  I worried about whether Andy's family would be able to handle the grind, but his wife seems to be 100% on board and understands what it will mean.  I hope that's true, and wish them nothing but the best in their future. 

I was REALLY disappointed that we only got a highlight clip of the matches each had with Bill DeMott.  They had built that up so well, and then to just see the highlights was a big let down.  They should have cut some time elsewhere and showed the full matches.  From what I've read from Richard Trionfo over at our friends at PWInsider.com it sounds like Andy outshined Luke in the matches with DeMott, so maybe that was why they didn't want to show the full ones.  But still.  Inexcusable if you ask me.

While I didn't see the slap coming, it didn't shock me...and I don't think there was anyone watching that didn't see the stunner coming from a mile away.  I hate that they do that...but knew it was coming. 

Now the question is, does Andy go to FCW and get some more seasoning, or do they bring him directly on to a roster and see what he can do there?

So, did they get it right?  Was Andy the right choice?  I think Luke will get a developmental deal as well...how about you?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tough Enough Finale Tonight!

So, have any of you been following Tough Enough this season?  I've watched all of the episodes and have really enjoyed it.  I think it came down to the right two in Luke and Andy, and honestly, while I expect Luke to win, I think either one has a shot to possibly make it down the line in WWE.  The one problem is that they may try to bring one (or both) of them up too soon and expect them to be great when they are just getting going.  So, we shall see. 

As I said, I expect Luke to take the win, as he has that certain "it" factor that could help him get over with the crowd.  That being said, I worry about whether he'll be able to be humble enough in a locker room.  He does have that nervous laughter thing too, which Stone Cold was absolutely right in calling nervous.  He's got the tools and has the look and personality to go far...does he have the attitude in check though?

As for Andy, he's a big guy.  Silent Rage he says....we shall see.  I think he has the opposite problem from Luke in that I'm not sure he believes in himself all the time.  If he can shake the self doubt, and look like he thinks he belongs there, he could do well as a big man in the business. 

Ultimately, Tough Enough winners don't have a great track record in the business.  Maven, Nidia, Linda Miles, Jackie Gayda, Matt Capotelli, and Daniel Puder have all not lasted in the business (though Jackie & Nidia were around for quite a while, and Matt may have made it if not for his health problems).  Yet, John Morrison won Tough Enough as well, and has obviously done very well for himself over time.  We've also seen other former Tough Enough competitors do well in the business, such as Matt Morgan, Kenny King, The Miz, Skip Sheffield and Josh Matthews.

So, who will make it from this year's cast?  Will it be the eventual winner, Luke or Andy?  Or will it be someone who's already been eliminated?  Jeremiah?  Martin?  AJ?  Ivalise?  M-Dogg?