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13 Questions with Samuray Del Sol!

Samuray Del Sol made his 2012 debut for Dragon Gate USA/EVOLVE in March.  He was signed and introduced as the "Mystery Luchador" during the big WrestleMania Weekend events.  Not only did he live up to the billing that weekend, he has quickly made himself a player in each promotion to be taken seriously.  He returns to action this weekend with EVOLVE 12 and EVOLVE 13 from North Carolina and those shows can be purchased here:

1. What are your early memories of wrestling growing and how did you get into pro wrestling?

I remember being in Mexico City , watching Lucha Libre on the television and my idol back then was Tinieblas. I then moved to the States and started watching WWE. I just became mesmerized by wrestlers; their physique and abilities were astonishing. I was always a very athletic child and I was very involved in sports. I was also involved in martial arts and gymnastics. I was so flexible I could do the splits on two chairs!

It wasn’t until my teenage years that I became more in love with wrestling. I remember speaking to my Mother while watching WWE on the TV and telling her "One day I’m gonna be a wrestler." Of course no one believed me.

I started training amateur wrestling when I was a freshman in high school and I became very good actually wrestling bigger guys that outweighed me by at least 30-50 lbs. I've always loved pushing myself to the fullest. I became so good that I started winning so many gold medals and competed at state level tournaments. During my senior year I was awarded a Gatorade Award for wrestling, as well as MVP. Once I graduated from High School I still wanted to be involved with wrestling and so then I decided to take it to the next level, I enrolled myself in a professional wrestling academy.

2. What was your training like leading to your debut in 2005?

I’m not gonna lie, training was difficult the first day and maybe the next, but after the third day I adapted more. My motivation to become a professional wrestler was so great that I learned so quickly and debuted on the American Indies after just two weeks, just that short training period. I was very limited to what I was learning because I had to stay with my class but I decided to take on Lucha Libre training at the same time. I wanted to keep my Mexican culture and wanted to be the superhero that I always dreamed of being as a child. I quickly learned that Lucha Libre was more of my style even though I loved the discipline being taught with American wrestling. I learned both at the same time, I was able to show my discipline and coordination with American wrestling and show my athletic and agile side with Lucha Libre. All these qualities combined created "Samuray Del Sol" at the beginning of 2006 and I debuted with my first ever Samuray mask.

3. With 7 years of experience on your resume, what are 2 or 3 highlights in your young career so far?

There has been many but I would say the best highlight of my life was being able to work small shots for WWE. Another great highlight was being able to work for AAA in Mexico . The worst would be my accident in April 2011 that caused me major post concussion syndrome but even that I was able to overcome and be back in the ring within two months.

4. You toured with AAA in Mexico beginning in July 2011. How did that tour come about and what was it like to perform and get the positive feedback you received?

That was a very great learning experience for me. I traveled all the way to Veracruz for a tournament that was taking place and was chosen as the best contender for the night. I received positive feedback from all the judges. They said "In this man, we see a lot of talent not only for AAA but to be a superstar in general, he can do anything he sets his mind to."

I then started doing some shows for them because they wanted to see more of my work. I was also training with all of the AAA roster and that was probably the best training I have received. I was able to learn so much in a couple short months. The training down there is amazing! In December, I was able to compete in the finals for the tournament and in result they announced that I have an open invitation to sign with the company at any time. Receiving that type of positive criticism just motivated me to keep training harder so that I can be the best I can be.

5. Your original opportunity with Dragon Gate USA came in September 2010 but it has been reported, while DG USA officials saw a lot of potential then, they wanted you to get more “seasoned” before returning. How did that feedback serve as a motivator for you?

With that feedback I was able to actually get more seasoned and stay in Mexico for a couple months. If it weren't for that I would not be where I am today. It motivated me because I knew I had the opportunity to reach the next level but I wanted my training and ability to be crisp and clean. I didn't just want to satisfied and be considered a "good worker." I wanted to come back from Mexico and “WOW” the American market. I received that appraisal and reaction after my debut match against AR Fox in CZW.

6. Fast-forward almost 20 months later and it is announced that a “Mystery Luchador” has been signed for the Miami events, which turns out to be yourself. Did you feel pressure coming in like that, knowing that fans can often set expectations very high? Add to that, you debuted against Dragon Gate vet Masato Yoshino and got a HUGE win – how did you process all of that?

To be honest, I did feel a bit pressured but that's exactly the kind of pressure that keeps me wanting to continue. If things weren't challenging I would not set higher goals. The pressure helped me reach another level and realized that I am capable of competing against anyone on the DG USA roster. After having such a big win, I knew that DG USA was a place where I can reach my maximum potential.

7. Coming off of the strong showing that weekend, you were scheduled to face Chuck Taylor (who has been outspoken against luchadores) and the match became a Three-Way Match, involving Johnny Gargano. You had a strong showing before Taylor eliminated you. How much do want to get back in the ring with Taylor?

I think Taylor is a great in the ring. I would jump in a heart beat for a one on one match with Chuck Taylor and the chance to even the score.

8. You get that chance in Charlotte for EVOLVE 12 on May 11th, as you team with Johnny Gargano vs. Chuck Taylor & Silas Young. How are you preparing for that match?

All of these contenders have been my opponents before and I know that my alliance with Gargano for this match will lead us to victory. I am preparing by doing what I do best: that's examining my opponents and using their weaknesses to my advantage.

9. The next night at EVOLVE 13 on May 12th, you are part of a Four-Way Match featuring Taylor again, AR Fox and Jigsaw. The winner gets a shot that same night against Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano. How do you physically and mentally prepare for the opportunity for two high-profile matches in one night? Do you feel like the issue brewing between yourself and Chuck Taylor could be resolved here as well?

Chuck Taylor and AR Fox are my some of my best opponents. As for Jigsaw, that's one opponent I will be examining more before I step inside that ring this weekend. We will see the outcome between myself and Taylor, I hope there is a fair fight.

10. No matter the outcome of EVOLVE 12 and 13, what comes next for Samuray Del Sol in Dragon Gate USA/EVOLVE? Is there anyone specifically on your radar?

The next opponent on my radar is Sami Callihan. He's one of the top guys on the indies right now. I'm always looking for the next challenge.

11. Who are some of your “Dream” opponents and matches you would be very excited to have?

I would like to have a one on one with Dragon Kid.

Outside of Dragon Gate USA, one of my dream matches is actually going to happen next month where I meet one on one with WWE Hall of Famer Mil Mascaras (June 1st, PWS)!

12. What are your goals for the next 1 year, 3 years and 5 years?

In the next year I hope to become a familiar star worldwide. I hope to be in WWE within the next three years and within 5 become the next best masked luchador. #luchaluchalucha

13. How can fans keep up with your schedule outside of Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE or buy merchandise?

Check out for schedule and merchandise, follow me om Twitter @samuraydelsol and connect with me on Facebook: Samuray Del Sol

Thanks to Samuray Del Sol and Dragon Gate USA/EVOLVE for the opportunity to feature him.  Don't forget to check for more information and order the shows this weekend at or via the link above.

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