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Preview & Picks of ROH “Death Before Dishonor IX”

Ring of Honor returns to iPPV on this Saturday night (You can order here: for their 10th iPPV with a loaded card. Here is my quick preview and predictions.

Ladder War III - #1 Contendership for the ROH World Tag Team Titles on the line!: Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The All Night Express of Kenny King & Rhett Titus

One word here: Violence. I expect this to be a great, violent thrill ride. This has been a feud that has continually raised the bar over the last 6 months and it will come to an end in NYC. The Briscoes are flat out crazy and both Titus and King have raised their game continually throughout the year. My pick is The All Night Express to get the win and the feud, setting them up for their ROH World Tag Title shot in Chicago Ridge in November at “Glory By Honor X.”

The Ringmaster’s Challenge (2/3 Falls): Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong

There two men are responsible for some of the most memorable athletic bouts in ROH over the last year, which includes both having reigns as ROH World Champion. Edwards defeated Roddy for the belt in March and Strong has not yet had the chance to exact his revenge. I expect Fall 1 to be won by Strong (pinfall only), Fall 2 to go to Edwards (submission only) and with Fall 3 being a 15 minute Iron Man bout, I can see it going down to the wire. With that said and the idea that the winner here is next in line for a shot at Davey Richards’ World Title, I feel that Fall 3 will go to a 15 minute stalemate, either setting up a bigger stipulation for these 2 fighters or a 3-Way World Title Match.

El Generico vs. Jimmy Jacobs

This bout gets bumped up in the preview for a very significant reason: Kevin Steen. Steen returned to ROH in June and gave the most physical and verbal middle finger to ROH possible. Steen was previously banned forever from ROH following his feud of the year loss to El Generico at “Final Battle 2010.” At the behest of Steve Corino, Steen was given permission to return by ROH, with great hesitation. Steen has launched viral (see here: and cross promotional attacks against ROH and states he plans to bring it to it’s death. Generico’s tie in is obvious and Jacobs enters the picture as Steve Corino’s sponsor in his battle to overcome the addiction of being an evil wrestler. Jacobs is going so far to support Corino that he is taking his spot in this match, to protect him from Steen and from falling off the wagon in facing Generico. Needless to say, there is a lot going on here. I expect Steen to again shock us all and do something crazy here. I will say Generico gets the win, but it really could go either way and have numerous layers of psychology wrapped around the outcome.

3-Way Elimination Tag: Future Shock of Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly vs. The Young Bucks vs. The Bravado Brothers

This bout as well is set up based on events from the last ROH show in NYC. In a first ever meeting, The Bravados interference marred what was becoming a great bout between Future Shock and The Bucks. I expect this to fast-paced and to bookend the feud between Future Shock and The Bravados, while opening the doors for an extended feud between Future Shock and The Bucks. I see the Bucks getting the win here.

Charlie Haas vs. Michael Elgin

On paper this battle of the two hosses looks to be a slugfest and a battle. Haas is a great vet, with only 1 ROH singles match (against Davey Richards, in a loss) under his belt. Elgin has been mixing both singles and tags throughout the year and has certainly approached the title of “Breakout Wrestler of The Year” honors with his performances. This bout could tip the bucket over and get him that label, without question. I see Elgin getting the win here, boosting him individually and possible allowing he and Roderick Strong as The House of Truth a future tag team title shot.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Mike Bennett

Much like the match above, this is a skilled vet against a rising star. Much of the ROH fanbase, however, has rejected Bennett’s push. Bennett seems like a talent that ROH will build around with the new TV show, but I just don’t know if it begins here. Shelton, like Haas, has only had 1 ROH singles bout (against new WWE signee Claudio Castagnoli) but was known for his singles runs in WWE. I do think this match is the sleeper of the card and it is a pick’em. Due to the fact that ROH is behind Bennett (seemingly without question), he will get a dirty win here.

ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal & Homicide vs. The Embassy of Tommaso Ciampa & Rhino

This bout was a later addition to this line-up and again carries over the events of the previous iPPV to this one. At ROH “Best In The World 2011” Homicide defeated Rhino, but was gored post-match and taken out of ROH. Ciampa has been on a rise in ROH during 2011 and remains undefeated in singles matches. Lethal, the most recent return to ROH, capture the TV Title at the debut TV tapings just over one month ago. I see Ciampa winning here, either over Homicide (who he’s defeated twice already) or Lethal and staking his claim for a shot at the TV Title.

There you have it. I have high expectations for this show, despite ROH World Champion Davey Richards not being involved and the quiet departure from ROH of Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli, The Kings of Wrestling. ROH is competing (at least in some small segment of their audience) against the Mayweather-Ortiz boxing match and free, live UFC bouts on Spike TV and college football pitting #1 Oklahoma @ #5 Florida State, but I still think this is the best value out there and will be watching live, as it transpires on Saturday night!

WWE: Night of the Champions Preview

First of all, thanks to everyone who has checked out our "13 Questions with Rhett Titus" and turned it into our most viewed article to date here at Two Spot Monkeys!  We were thrilled with how it turned out, and look forward to continuing our "13 Questions" series!  Feel free to contact us if you have people you'd like to see featured in the series!

This weekend WWE presents it's next pay-per-view, Night of Champions.  Every title (other than the IC Title) is scheduled to be defended, and maybe the IC Title match will get added yet.  Given the stories of late, I'd expect Rhodes vs. DiBiase perhaps.  Anyways, let's look at the six matches announced and what I think might happen!

WWE Title Match
Alberto Del Rio (C) vs. John Cena

They can't have Del Rio lose the title in his first PPV defense can they?  Let's hope not.  If they want to make Del Rio as a top guy for years to come, he has to retain here.  If they REALLY want to make him, he should go over clean.  But, he's a heel, and WWE just will not allow heels to win cleanly.  So, I'd expect some sort of screwjob here, leading to Hell in a Cell next month for Del Rio and Cena "to keep the interference out".  Maybe Ricardo Rodriguez will throw his goat milk in Cena's face to interfere.  I can't believe I just wrote that sentence, and even worse, I can't believe that it's entirely likely it could happen...

World Heavyweight Title Match
Randy Orton (C) vs. Mark Henry

Again, I'd love to see them give the title to Mark Henry here, but I just don't see it, as it seems that Orton/Christian "one last time" in Hell in a Cell makes more sense.  I hate that I look at title matches and my first thought is "how will they put Cena and Orton over here", since that seems to be the only focus of the creative team.  Henry's "Hall of Pain" run has been awesome, and he definitely deserves a run with the title, to be the monster champion, with someone coming in to be the one who finally "slays the dragon".  But, instead, I expect an RKO here to show that Orton is the only one who can control Henry.  Ugh, same old same old.

Grudge Match
Triple H vs. CM Punk

Triple H has to resign as COO if he loses this match.  I figure Kevin Nash and John Lauranitis will be involved in this matchup, and likely will cost Triple H the win.  Now, the question then turns to, are they aligned with CM Punk, or are they acting on their own and just want Triple H out of power so that Johnny Ace can take over?  I hope that Punk looks strong here, because they didn't position him that way in the promo last week.  If he hangs with and defeats Triple H clean, he'd be a made man as well (though I think he's close anyways).  But, there's no way that happens here.  I do think Punk wins, but it's screwjob city for sure. 

WWE Divas Title Match
Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

One has to believe that Phoenix wins here.  If not, it kind of spells the end of the current storyline.  Phoenix MUST win the title here....MUST.

WWE Tag Team Title Match
Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne (c) vs. The Miz & R-Truth

Air Boom have just gotten going, but with the way the tag titles get moved around, I wouldn't be shocked at all to see The Miz and R-Truth win the titles.  If they lose, it will be because of something they can continue their "conspiracy theory" stuff with.  Maybe the fireworks go off again and distract them or something.  But...I really think Miz and Truth walk away with the gold.

United States Title Match
Dolph Ziggler (C) vs. John Morrison vs. Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger

This one is thrown together.  The storyline seems to play out best if Swagger does something that causes Ziggler to lose, so on a flyer, I'll go with Alex Riley getting the pin after Swagger drops Ziggler on the top rope or something.

What do you think...who wins the matchups this weekend?

Monday, September 12, 2011

13 Questions With: Rhett Titus

I had the opportunity to interview Rhett Titus, best known for his run in Ring of Honor, first in his "Addicted to Love" character, and more recently as a member of the All Night Express with Kenny King.  We had the chance to talk about his training at the ROH Wrestling Academy, his early work with Delirious, and of course, the current blood feud with The Briscoe Brothers that culminates with Ladder War III this Saturday night, as Ring of Honor presents Death Before Dishonor IX live on iPPV through!  (You can order by clicking here!)  Thanks to Rhett Titus and Ring of Honor for this opportunity! 

1.  You are arguably the most successful graduate from the ROH Wrestling Academy.  What did training with Austin Aries and later Bryan Danielson mean to you at the time and now in retrospect at the point you are in your career?  

When I first met Austin he was a cool guy and someone I could be at ease with.  I had a hard time picking up on some things at first and he was very patient with me.  I was sad to see him go when he did because we had formed a good bond but was also excited for Bryan Danielson coming in.  Before I ever got trained I had hoped for Bryan Danielson or Steve Corino to one day train me but neither was accepting new students when I was looking to get trained and I decided on the ROH school in the meantime.  Little did I know about a year later I would get to train with one of them which was a very cool experience. 

2.  One of the earliest highlights in your career was your feud with Delirious over Daizee Haze.  What memories do you have of that feud and were you excited with the buzz that was created, as that was one of the first viral angles to get legs behind it? 

I was super excited about the buzz that angle had created.  I remember former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky putting a lot of pressure on me at the time.   Honestly I fully welcomed the pressure because I have always been the type to rise to the occasion in high pressure situations.  I have a lot of fond memories of the feud and think it helped me get out on the map but I think that it suffered from the change of bookers mid-way through the feud.  Both Adam Pearce and Gabe had different ideas on the final chapter of that story but I'm not going to complain or anything, things worked out fine for me.

3.  Your team with Kenny King was introduced first in early 2009.  How did your pairing come together?

As odd as it sounds I actually believe Sugarfoot had thrown the idea to Adam at first.  When I was first informed that Kenny King and I would be teaming I wasn't exactly thrilled, neither was Kenny.  At the end of the day business is business and I was happy to to have a spot and figured we would have to make it work.  Obviously it did and Kenny and I are good friends now and always bring out the best in each other.

4.  That teaming morphed into the faction that included Austin Aries.  What was that run like and are you satisfied with how that ended?  Did you feel any added pressure of being paired with one of your teachers/trainers? 

I honestly felt honored that Austin Aries wanted Kenny and I to be his henchmen for his second ROH World Title run.  It also helped adding more validity to our tag team as we were tagging, managing, and featured promos with the top guy in the company.  Of course I would feel pressure wrestling alongside with not only the champ, but my trainer.  Though like I said before high pressure situations bring out the best in me and I looked at teaming with Aries as the 2nd part of my training.   It was great while it lasted but then one day it was just over and he had left the company.  

5.  Austin Aries departure seemed to truly bring The All-Night Express to life, with you and Kenny King both stepping up and getting not only better opportunities, but better in the ring as well.  Are those things connected in any way or was it a matter of all of your hard work paying off?  

Austin Aries named the group and branded us with his stamp of approval and when he left we knew it be time to sink or swim.  Prior to being dubbed All-Night Express we were just Rhett Titus & Kenny King.  We knew we needed a tag name as all great teams had names, but there was just nothing that ever stood out to us but once we were given that title it was the last piece to the puzzle.  Once Aries had left we knew we would have to fill that void in a big way and step up more than ever.

6.  As the All-Night Express has evolved, so have you, from the “Addicted to Love” character to a more hard nosed, tougher character.  Is that something you’ve wanted to do, or was it just something that evolved over time?  Do you prefer one to the other? 

No matter how much I love to shake my hips and strutting my stuff when you’re bleeding night in and night out and have a heated rivalry going on shaking your hips isn't exactly on your mind.  Though it's a lot easier not having to explain to family and friends why the crowd is chanting Hepa-titus, at times I do miss my carefree attitude and handing out hotel room keys.  I fully understand that now is not the time for that though. #BusinessbeforePleasure

7.  Talk about your feud with Jay & Mark Briscoe, where you’ve battled all over the ROH circuit and been in a number of different types of matches.  Is there a highlight match in this feud that stands out to you?  

From what started as a competitive tag team rivalry took a turn for the worst at Manhattan Mayhem 4 when the ANX defeated the Briscoes and the Briscoes realized they were getting surpassed by the younger team.  It all happened really quick to me and over 6 months later it's still going down.  The highlight of the feud for me had to be our match in Atlanta for Honor Takes Center Stage Part 2.  We not only let the Briscoes but the fans know that we weren't to be taken lightly.  And after all this time you have to wonder when the violence and brutality end.  And all roads point to Sept 17th in NYC... #LadderWar3  

8.  With the Ladder War coming up at Death Before Dishonor IX, how do you prepare for that match and what you will not only put your body through, but what pain you plan to inflict on The Briscoes in attempt to win this feud? 

I don't think the average person understands the risk in not only a regular wrestling match but a Ladder War.  Not only is there a big risk of injury in the back of your mind you also have the expectations of the fans as the other 2 Ladder War matches in ROH history have been great.  Don't mean to reiterate myself but I'm pretty good with this pressure stuff.   I called Kenny the other day and let him know that I got my ladder climbing time down to 4 seconds.  Ha ha but honestly, there is no way to train or prepare for this besides what you would normally do.  I know Sunday morning is going to be a long morning but I can assure you that the following weeks will leave the Briscoes in pain and agony.  

9.  You have been in the ring with most of the top stars in ROH over the last few years, whether in singles matches or in tag matches with Kenny King.  Who has been your favorite opponent, and why is that?

I always enjoyed wrestling The Briscoes whether in tags or single because i felt they brought out the best in me.  Now not so much because I feel they bring out the worst in me.  Though if I'm going to show my malicious side there is not two better people to show it on.  I always enjoyed the chemistry Kenny, Austin, and I had in 6 man tag matches.  I was ecstatic when Kenny and I wrestled Grizzly Redwood & Steve Corino has Grizzly was my training partner and Steve was my childhood hero.  It’s always good to mix it up with the new talent ROH has like Cole, O'Reiley, Elgin, Bennett, and Ciampa because it makes you want to step up your game even more and show them why I have been able to keep my spot for so long and see what the newcomers are bringing to the table these days.

10.  On September 24th, ROH will debut on the Sinclair Broadcast Group networks, being the only major national wrestling company with a presence on over the air broadcast television here in the US.  Can you talk a bit about the opportunities this presents, not only for ROH, but also for you and the All Night Express? 

For the first time ever ROH will be able to be seen by almost the whole nation thanks to Sinclair Broadcast Group and the whole rest of the world via  This is not only a huge chance for ROH to present True Pro Wrestling to the world but also THE ANX to show the world true tag team wrestling.  I'm super stoked everybody who will tune in on Sept 24th will leave their TV or computer a fan of Ring of Honor.

11.  Creatively, do you feel pressure to raise the bar of violence, etc. in this match?  

I'm willing to due WHATEVER it takes to get the win and earn the contract for the ROH tag titles in this match. At the end of the day simply put Death Before Dishonor.

12.  A little over 5 years into your wrestling career, what is your most memorable accomplishment?

No matter what accomplishments, achievements, awards, or titles I could achieve I think the one I hold closest to my heart is just the fact that I'm here.  I went to the ROH School in June of 2005 a 17 year old boy who just had a child a month prior and 6 months later 
I made my debut for one of the top wrestling companies in the world.  I worked damn hard to get to where I'm at all while supporting multiple other jobs and being a positive influence in my son's life.  Somehow I've managed to make it all work when everybody told me I couldn't do it.  To me that is personally my greatest accomplishment!!!  

13.  What are your top three goals that you have yet to accomplish, but plan to make come true in the next few years?

#3  Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan
#2 ROH World Tag Titles
#1 Being a guy who helps take ROH into its next era and helping expose real Pro wrestling to the masses across the nation and the world!

Thanks again to Rhett and Ring of Honor for the interview!  Remember to catch Death Before Dishonor IX at this Saturday night, live from New York City!  Then next Saturday night, September 24th, be sure to tune in to the Sinclair Broadcasting Group networks for Ring of Honor Wrestling!  For a list of stations carrying the show, you can click here.  I was at the first tapings in Chicago Ridge, IL, and I can guarantee, you will not be disappointed! 

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13 Questions With: Johnny Gargano

I recently had the chance to interview Johnny Gargano, known best for his runs with Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE, along with Chikara, AIW and other promotions. DG USA returns this coming weekend for a series of shows scheduled in the Midwest. Friday, September 9th they debut in Indianapolis, Saturday, September 10th they return to Chicago and iPPV (which you can buy right here: and they wrap the triple shot up on September 11th in Milwaukee. Thanks to Johnny Gargano and Dragon Gate USA.

1. How does it feel to you to be known as a “Homegrown Star” for Dragon Gate USA?

I consider it an honor. I feel like that "tagline" couldn't be more true. Having been in the first match in DGUSA history, on the preshow, FRAY! I feel like I've grown a ton. I can really attribute my development to working with some of the absolute best talent in the world in Dragon Gate USA. It really makes you step your game up night in and night out.

2. I’ve read that Colt Cabana suggested to you to reach out to Gabe Sapolsky as the plans for DG USA were coming together. What were your hopes based on that lead and did you ever expect it to lead you to where you are today?

Never. The initial conversation with Colt went something like this.. "COLT: Have you talked to Gabe yet? ME: Gabe?..." I had no clue Gabe would even be interested in someone like me. So I was pretty taken aback when Colt told me to email him, and say that "Colt sent ya". I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason though. I think that's a prefect example of that, man. The stars just aligned.. BUT even at the first DGUSA show, If you would of came up to me and said "Johnny, I'm from the future, you're going to do THIS, THIS AND THIS.. in DGUSA" and be where I'm at today... 1. I'd think you were on a copious amount of drugs as you said you're from the future. 2. I wouldn't have believed it for a second.

3. Can you talk about the origins of Ronin? Did you know when you started the angle with CIMA, asking for a chance in Warriors, that it would lead to the Ronin faction forming with Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann?

Eventually, I did. I was really excited about it too. I wasn't TOO familiar with Rich Swann, but I trusted Gabe's vision. I was excited to work with Chuck though, as we have alot of the same personality traits and I feel we play off each other very well. I liken us to DX when I heard the initial idea.. I'm Shawn Michaels (DUH!) Chuck is HHH and Rich Swann is Chyna.

4. Ronin feels like a very organic faction, in the sense that you all fit so well together and it does not come across as forced in the least bit. Aside from the individual talents of you and your stablemates, what do you attribute that to?

After getting to know Rich some, he's a very exciting, charismatic dude! As you can tell... I feel not just our "wrestling personalities" but our "real life" personalities all mesh really well. We have the same sense of humor, and we all get along pretty well. You have too, when you spend 3 weeks in Japan with one another, Ha!

5. You arguably broke out against CIMA in a singles bout at “Enter The Dragon 2010” in Philadelphia. That was possibly the beginning of the Ronin-Blood Warriors feud that has been heating up DG USA and in Japan as well. What has this feud meant to you and what time of final match or “faction warfare” will bring it to an end?

The feud has really elevated me, not just in the fans eyes, but in the ring as well. Going into that match, I wanted it to be "THE match" that fans can look at and say "WOW! That guy can go!".. I was happy with the match, and it inadvertantly started the angle, but it wasn't what I wanted it to be. I truly feel I got the match I was looking for when I took CIMA on again at Open The Southern Gate (which of course you can watch now at WWNLIVE.COM.. PLUG!)... That match was a war, man. Something I'm really proud of. Coming from a guy who hates all of his matches, and is his own worst critic, that's saying something!

6. Talk a bit about your first tour of Dragon Gate in Japan. What was it like to work in Japan with some of the same guys you’d worked with him DG USA and in front of a new audience? What was the highlight of that tour, both professionally and personally?

The highlight of the tour was just getting the tour to begin with! Ha. My goal has always been to work in Japan. Chris Jericho is a huge idol of mine, and I pattern a lot of my career after his. So to find out that my tour was going to start in Korakuen Hall and end in Sumo Hall (Which is what Jericho did on one of his first tours) really blew my mind. Plus... Jericho actually Tweeted me "Good Luck, Have a great tour, and work SOLID!!!!!" which was something I personally "marked out" for! The crowds are a lot different then in the states. They treat wrestlers like superstars over there. The way we treat NFL players, or movie stars, are how they treat the wrestlers. It was quite the culture shock.

7. You debuted “The Gargano Escape,” which has been a pretty dominant finisher in DG USA, earlier this year. What are the origins for that move and how does it feel to have tapped out some pretty big names from Dragon Gate?

I wanted something new. I've always been a fan of submission style finishes.. So I went to someone, who I feel is without a doubt, one of the most knowledgable technical wrestlers in the world, Alex Shelley. He's always been like a big brother to me, and helped me out a ton. I asked him for some idea, and the it came up that maybe I should start using a variation of his old "Border City Stretch"...which he was all for. So he pretty much handed the move down to me.. which is huge. I have SO much respect for that guy and for him to think that highly of me, is an honor.

8. You were scheduled to face Naruki Doi in Atlanta over WrestlerMania weekend, in what likely would have been your biggest singles match to date in Dragon Gate USA. However, when Ricochet got hurt, Doi was re-positioned and you faced Jimmy Rave instead. Were you disappointed in that and how did you change your mindset from opposing Doi to Rave?

Naruki Doi, since day one in DGUSA is someone I've always wanted to wrestle. His match with Danielson is one of my favorites. I feel like our styles would really mesh well together. I was super excited for the match.. but understood the situation. I was pumped that I was going to be able to wrestle Jimmy though, he's super motivated right now, and really good! I feel we put on a cool little match, that was really different then anything else in DGUSA.

9. Now, you are scheduled to finally get that one on one match with Naruki Doi on September 11th in Milwaukee. Thoughts on that match-up finally happening, especially after your strong performance at the 2nd Anniversary Show in NYC, where you seemingly have the number of almost any Blood Warriors competitor?

It seems like that doesn't it? I'm still excited! The anticipation is building. The fans of Milwaukee were a pleasure to wrestle in front of last year, after everything that went down, so I'm glad they're getting the match. I sat in the balcony of the very first DGUSA show in awe of Shingo/Doi's match. I always dreamt of being able to be as good as those guys. Now I get my chance to see how far I've come.. It's a test, (one) I'm truly looking forward too, and feel i'm ready for.

10. Also coming up on the next Dragon Gate USA tripleshot, you are scheduled to meet Junction Three’s YAMATO & Masato Yoshino as you team with Chuck Taylor in Indianapolis and then Akira Tozawa in singles in another chapter of the Ronin-Blood Warriors feud in Chicago. How do you prepare for those matches and does your approach change at based on who you are scheduled against?

The tag match is special because I get another shot against Yamato. He's one of the best wrestlers in the world right now, and a worthy Open The Freedom Gate champion.. He's the guy right now. I want to show the world that I can hang with "the guy" in DGUSA. If you've watched Independent wrestling at all this year, you're a fan of Akira Tozawa.. How can you not be? The guy brings it. I'm sure we're going to bring out the best in each other and put on one heck of an encounter for the fans in Chicago. The little added dimension of Tozawa now joining Blood Warriors adds fuel to the fire.

11. You’ve had a pretty impressive 12 months, not just in DG USA, but EVOLVE, Chikara, AIW against Bryan Danielson and more. Is 2011 the Year of Gargano? What other goals exist for you?

Well Thank You. I just try to stay humble, man. I've reached a lot of goals this year, had a lot of incredible opportunities, and awesome moments that will live with me forever. Like I said earlier though, I'm my own worst critic.. I think I'm okay, but I can get tons better. When you become complacent is when you fail.

12. What are your favorite memories of pro wrestling as you were growing up? What promotions did you follow? What wrestlers were your favorites and why?

I was a big WWF fan. I did enjoy the WCW cruiserweights though. My Mom always made me costumes, and I'd dress and act like my favorite wrestlers. Some of the costumes I had growing up were...
-Shawn Michaels (Of course! Even though I was dressed like an 8 year old stripper.
-Rocky Maivia's head dress thingy he used to wear (Yep.)
-Bret Harts jacket.
-Stone Colds vest.
-Homemade Psychosis, Rey Mysterio Jr, Juventud masks.

I also walked around and acted like Dean Malenko (grab yours wrists and crack your neck) and Chris Benoit (pretty much the same thing...) on most days. I'm probably the only kid who can say such.

13. Is there anything you want fans to know about you, places they can see you live, or where they can reach you to buy your new t-shirt?

Where ever you see me, I can guarantee you're going to get all I have. I don't believe in "taking days off". The last DGUSA Triple Shot, I seperated my shoulder a week or two before, and was in an incredible amount of pain.. I taped it up and still went out there and tried to my darndest to give people there monies worth and steal the show. We all love wrestling. Just please Support Indy Wrestling. A lot of guys work really hard. You can find me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @JohnnyGargano - Buy my new shirt! It's super cool! Let's start a revolution with it! Email me at about it!

Don't forget to check out Dragon Gate USA this weekend, whether live in Indianapolis, Chicago or Milwaukee. Go to for more info. Again, you can order this Saturday nights show on iPPV, with YAMATO defending the Open the Freedom Gate Title against CIMA in a rivalry where each man holds only 1 win over the other, the next chapter in the PAC-Ricochet feud is written and SABU debuts, right here:

Thanks for reading and checking out Two Spot Monkeys!