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13 Questions with Ophidian!

Ophidian is a long time member of the CHIKARA roster, who last year had a change of heart, and after teaming with Amasis as The Osirian Portal for years, turned his back on Amasis (or was it the other way around?  read on to find out more!) and has become much more devious.  This weekend he leads his stable mates, The Batiri into battle at CHIKARA's King of Trios 2012 Tournament.  Ophidian joined us here at Two Spot Monkeys to talk about his career, where it's been, and where it's going. 

1.  Can you tell us how you got interested in becoming a professional wrestler?

Ophidian:  Well, that truly is a very long answer. I'll try my best to contain it. Amasis and I were in a losing war with the Persians back in our time. The Funky Pharaoh prayed to Osiris for an answer, for a way to defeat the evil invading our lands. The answer was the Portal of Osiris. He told us to travel to the future and find a style of fight that is completely foreign to our time. With battle tactics that the Persians wouldn't know how to defend against, we'd be sure to achieve victory. So, Osiris assigned me with the task to protect Amasis in this Journey. When we entered the portal and traveled into the future, we landed in Philadelphia. Specifically, we found ourselves standing before the Coliseum known as the ECW Arena. We entered the Arena and watched as combatant after combatant battled. It was instantaneous. Lucha Libre was what we needed to defeat the Persians.

2.  You trained at the Chikara Wrestle Factory, under Mike Quackenbush & Chris Hero among others, can you tell us about that time and what is most memorable (either good or bad) from your training and breaking in?

Ophidian:  When we entered the Wrestle Factory, the classes were split - Rudo and Technico. We decided Chris Hero, The Rudo trainer, was the man we needed to learn from. We would eventually train with the Techincos. Some of the others we trained under were Jorge "Skayde" Rivera, El Pantera, Delirious, and Claudio Castagnoli just to name a few. Anyway, it was truly a strange time when we entered CHIKARA. Quackenbush and Hero were engaged in a long feud that had splintered the company. Chris Hero treated us well and taught us much. It was due to those Rudo ways that Amasis and I were able to ascend through the ranks of CHIKARA so quickly. I cannot elaborate much on the training. I can say it was rough. On my second day of training, I was sidelined with an injury! I was thrown over the top rope, hit the turnbuckle post and split my leg open big time. It took 15 staples and a month off to close my leg up.

3.   Until just less than a year ago, you were most closely associated with Amasis, as you formed The Osirian Portal, including a reign  as the Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas.  How did that team come to be, and what are your favorite memories of teaming with Amasis?

Ophidian:  Well, my answer to Question 1 has already told you how this team came to be. As for favorite memories, those are hard to come by. I look back at most of that time with regret. He made me a dancing fool. Traveling to Germany making it to the finals of Tag World Grand Prix in 2008 was an amazing moment in my career. Also, battling for the NWA International Light Heavyweight Tag Team Titles in Japan under the Zero1 banner was surreal. Amasis and I made our Japan debut at Korakuen Hall!!! We got to battle in the same Coliseum that every great in Japan has done battle in. Sawa and Hidaka pushed us to our limits when it finally came time to battle for the gold. 

4.  While teaming with Amasis, you had a moment in a match for CZW against Joe Gacy and Ryan Slater that garnered you over a million views on Youtube, as well as the moment getting played on stations like ESPN, G4, and TruTV.  What are your memories of that happening, and did you find it all a bit surreal?  

Ophidian:  That moment from that match was the beginning of the end for Amasis and myself. Sure, It was surreal seeing Amasis and myself on shows that would have never aired anything Pro Wrestling. ESPN's Around the Horn had a debate over that clip! Before CZW pulled the video off youtube, it had almost 3 million views. That was just on Youtube! Amasis grew a big head because of that video. Then he got injured. Hieracon rode the coat tails of success all the way to Europe and never came back. I was left alone. That video does not invoke positive memories.

5.  At High Noon, you turned your back on Amasis, attacking him as he was announcing his retirement from wrestling, and have since taken on a much more devious persona, what led to this change in heart for you?

Ophidian:  Amasis turned his back on me long before I turned my back on him. I was a pawn in his dance party. He never wanted me to succeed. With what partner did he win points toward title contention? Not Ophidian. Who did he vote into the "12 Large: Summit" round-robin? Not Ophidian. I had zero votes. Amasis backed this snake into a corner. You can't blame me for lashing out.
 6. Along with that change of heart/attitude, fans have seen your mask change in design and style in the last 9 months.  What is behind that metamophasis?

Ophidian:  I have disgraced Osiris. I relinquished my soul because i did not deserve it. This metamorphasis is no different from a snake molting his skin. I must earn back my soul, the right to bear the Ophidian mask. I march down the path of redemption as we speak. I am almost there. My final transformation is coming soon.

7.  Lately, you’ve been seen associated with Delirious and The Batiri.  What led to this association between you all?  

Ophidian:  We are warriors with a common purpose. We are warriors that share a similar enemy. I and I has helped me control the devils that infect my brain. That is all I can say about that.

8.  You seem to have moved into a managerial role more often than an in ring role lately, has there been any reason for that?  Are you dealing with any injuries?

Ophidian:  I and I has asked me to execute his commands. The Batiri need my guidance. Like a similar Cobra before me, I am their Commander. To call me a manager is an insult.

9.  This coming weekend, you lead The Batiri into the King of Trios.  You have previously taken part in four King of Trios tournaments, making it to the semi finals last year, where you lost to eventual tournament champions, The Colony.  What advice or leadership do you think you’ll have for The Batiri, given your previous expertise in King of Trios?

Ophidian:  I am no stranger to tournaments. I have won the Rey De Voladores tournament in 2008. With Amasis, I made it to the Finals of Tag World Grand Prix 2008. As you have already discussed, The Osirian Portal made it to the semi finals of KOT last year. If I cannot be in the tournament this year, I will fulfill I and I's orders and lead The Batiri to victory. Under my Command, The Batiri are more vicious than ever. After all, I lead them to victory over two teams, The Colony and The Swarm, already in the King Of Trios Tournament.  More so than that, I am the Master of Snake Style. Strike First. Strike Fast. Strike Hard. It is the Battle Cry I live by. It is the Battle Cry that will lead us to victory.

10.  What team looks to be the toughest outside of The Batiri in this years field for King of Trios?  Any team that you really don’t want to end up matched up with?

Ophidian:  The bigger and badder they are, the better. Of all the Teams, I look forward to the war the Faces of Pain would wage with us. The Warlord, Meng, and The Barbarian are the ultimate test for the Army I command. Although they face the current Campeones De Parejas in Team ROH, I am sure they will obtain victory. I am at least hopeful they will as it is The Batiri that wishes to knock them out of King of Trios.

11. On Night 3, it has recently been announced that you will go one-on-one with Saturyne.  What are your thoughts on this match and what do you have in store for her this Sunday?

Ophidian:  I will do what The Batiri did not. I will show them what you do to a woman who steps in the ring with men as evil as us. I will leave her battered and broken. Through her defeat I shall break the spirit of the CHIKArmy. She will learn a harsh lesson for sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.

12.  What are your goals in the next year?  How about in the next 3 years?  Next 5 years?

Ophidian:  Domination. Chaos. Evolution. Not specifically in that order.

13.  How can fans stay in touch with you via social media, or purchase merchandise from you?

Ophidian:  I can be reached on twitter @ophidiancobra. That is the same on facebook. Soon, I will have a website launched to help spread the word of Snake Style as well. Be on the look out for that. You can also find info on shows that The Batiri and I will be at on You can find out more information about King Of Trios at

We at Two Spot Monkeys would like to thank Ophidian for joining us for 13 Questions here on the site!  If you are in the Easton, PA area this weekend, be sure to check out CHIKARA's King of Trios at The Palmer Center!  If you can't be there, keep your eyes on Smart Mark Video for the DVD, MP4 and VOD releases, which they have said will be out as quick as they can have them.  In the past that has sometimes meant as soon as the Monday after the events!

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