Monday, May 7, 2012

13 Questions with Davey Richards!

Davey Richards is seen by many people as the best wrestler in the world today.  He has held the Ring of Honor World Title since winning it from his friend, and former tag team partner Eddie Edwards at Best in the World, back in June 2011.  This Saturday night, at the Border Wards iPPV in Toronto, Richards faces his biggest test yet, as he faces Kevin Steen one on one for the ROH World Title, and the Package Piledriver is legal for Steen to use in this match.  ROH has announced that this is the only title shot Steen will get!  Richards joined us for 13 Questions as he heads into the biggest ROH Title Match in recent memory! 

1. Just before this interview you were scheduled to travel to Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling but were unable to travel due to being in an auto accident.  Can you update fans on what occurred and your health in terms of being able to get back in the ring?

Richards: Tony Kozina was taking me to the airport in Saint Louis and a guy behind us was texting and rear ended us. I’m ok, little whiplash but I’ll be ok. Sucks though as I had to miss my flight. I’ll miss no ring time.

2. How do you maintain the international travel schedule between Ring of Honor and New Japan, with balancing your training, diet and personal life?

Richards: Dedication. I’ve stepped off 13 hour flights to Japan into the gym; find BJJ schools wherever we are, gone to train at 4am before 7am flights, tons of hotel room workouts. Personal life has been tough, after a lot of trial and error I’ve realized I cannot have a personal life and maintain my schedule.

3. Do you have a “cheat day” and what does it look like?

Richards: Debauchery and gluttony LOL

4. You are approaching your 6th anniversary of your ROH debut.  You’ve done so much in that time from The No Remorse Corps to your Roderick Strong feud(s) to Sweet ‘n’ Sour Inc. to The American Wolves and feuds with Kevin Steen & El Generico & The Briscoes to finally winning the ROH World Title.  Do you have a favorite or outstanding memory or two from your run so far?

Richards: American Wolves by far. I’m more proud of that than anything else I ever have or will do.

5. What did it mean to finally capture the ROH World Title in June 2011 at “Best in the World” in Manhattan?  Did the fact that you defeated long-time partner Eddie Edwards add to the feeling?

Richards: It was closure, a lot of personal closure. It was a turning point in my life that I’m glad I got to share with Eddie and my close friends.

6. Past ROH World Championship reigns have been marked or footnoted by specific things (Samoa Joe making the belt a recognized World Title, Bryan Danielson & Nigel McGuinness having upwards of 35+ successful defenses during their reigns) – As you approach 1 year as champion and currently have 11 successful defenses to date, do you have a desire to challenge for either of those “records” or do you have other aspirations to have your title reign be remembered by?

Richards: More than anything else I just want to be remembered as a good person. Someone who gave it their all and led by example.

7. Your match with Michael Elgin in Ft. Lauderdale at “Showdown in the Sun” is being praised and heralded as an early Match of the Year candidate.  What does that mean to you and what were your thoughts after that grueling match?

Richards: All praise to Michael Elgin for that match, he was the star. I was merely part of it.

8. Do you have “Dream Matches” that you would like to see happen or are there title defenses you hope to see get scheduled in ROH?

Richards: Kevin Steen.

9. Your road to the ROH World Title had a very important step when you battled Tyler Black in Toronto in June 2010.  What memories do you have of that match and how do feel about returning to Toronto as defending champion now?

Richards: Returning to Toronto as champion is great as Toronto is a very special place for me because it’s where this journey to the World Title began. But that’s the only thing that really will be different. Still go out hands up chin down and fight.

10. Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title is a match that has seemingly been brewing from the minute you won the title.  How have you prepared for this match being on Steen’s “turf” in Toronto and with the Package Piledriver being made legal?

Richards: I asked for it to be legal. I don’t fear it, nor do I fear him. I’ve been hit with his piledriver before. Steen is on my turf, he’s in a ROH ring. He’s in the lions den.

11. Kevin Steen has been very outspoken about your training in Jiu Jitsu and more outside of pro wrestling as well as you being a “teacher’s pet” of sort of Jim Cornette. Are you defending Jim Cornette and ROH from the wrath of Steen as much as the ROH World Title?  Does that strike a personal chord with you and is it more than just psychological warfare from Steen?

Richards: I can guarantee Steen talks to Cornette more than I do. I don’t involve myself with any office personal, hell I barely do interviews. I’m a private person who would rather let his actions speak for themselves. I do train and love BJJ. I feel I do not have to justify my actions to anyone, especially since the reality of the situation is I was a better wrestler at 10 years old than Steen will ever be. I was winning state titles when Steen was learning how to drive a car. I’ve spent more time on a wrestling mat than Steen has in a donut shop, which is saying something.

12. Following “Border Wars” on May 12, where does Davey Richards stand in the ROH landscape?

Richards: A fighter, as I’ve always been. Love me or hate me. I will fight all those who oppose me.

13.  How can fans follow you outside of Ring of Honor, keep up with your schedule or buy merchandise?

Richards:  Well, I don’t do Twitter anymore.  I do have a Facebook.  Also if any wrestlers want to train and travel with us, we have an apartment here where they can do that.  Some come and stay a couple of days, some a month and others move here.  They can e-mail me at for more information.

Two Spot Monkeys would like to thank Ring of Honor and Davey Richards for the chance to do this interview!  Be sure to catch Ring of Honor’s Border Wars iPPV this Saturday night, May 12th, available at! 

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