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13 Questions with Sami Callihan!!!

Sami Callihan has made headlines in 2012. For his actions in DG USA/EVOLVE and memorable feuds with AR Fox and Sabu, to continuing his epic battles with "Fit" Finlay, to a 5 show suspension when he "snapped" earlier this year, to International travels to his recent success in PWG's 2012 Battle of Los Angeles Tournament. He returns to action in EVOLVE (EVOLVE 17) this weekend against Masada and is also in action later the same night for CZW, teaming with Jake Crist against The Super Smash Brothers at "Down With The Sickness." He joined Two Spot Monkeys to hit on a few quick topics before the shows this weekend, both available for purchase at on iPPV or tickets remain available for the doubleheader of shows at Flyers Skate Zone 601 Laurel Oak Road Voorhees, NJ 08043. Check or for more information!

1. For fans that are not aware, how did you get interested in pro wrestling? What wrestlers interested you and did you follow as you grew up?

All my life all I can remember is Pro Wrestling. My first memory is of life is watching Pro Rasslin' with my Dad and brothers. The wrestlers who really intrested me when I was younger were Vader, Bam Bam, Fit Finlay, and William Regal.

2. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Did you do anything fun this year as you were traveling to participate with Pro Wrestling Guerrila? Do you find it more or less enjoyable at times like this when you are traveling during milestones in life?

My birthday was amazing! Anytime I get to hang with some of my closest wrestling brothers is always a good time. Waking up in the bathroom with Roderick Strong and Adam Cole yelling at me to get ready for our flight will always be burnt into my memory and the saying "I LIKE THAT!"

3. Coming right off of participating in Pro Wrestling Guerrila’s Battle of Los Angeles 2012, you picked up your first PWG win and it was a big one over the well-established Willie Mack. You then defeated TJ Perkins on Night 2, before falling to Adam Cole in the semi-finals. Can you tell fans what it was like to participate?

It was absolutly epic to be apart of PWG's BOLA! I have won almost every major wrestling tournament there is, but being part of BOLA with the amount of talent (involved) was truly epic.... epic....epic!

4. How important is it to you to make your name in new companies? Do you think that it is key to success for wrestlers not contracted to WWE or TNA in these times?

I go out there and I be myself. I don't change who I am. I stay in the mindset that I need to be looked at as one of the best in the business today. I'll do anything to keep that aura going.

5. You have traveled around the globe this year to date – is there a match or show you’ve been a part of that is especially memorable?

Wrestling Marty Scurll in England for IPW UK's big super show. One of my faviorte matches with one of my faviorte people in the biz.

6. Switching gears to DG USA/EVOLVE, you involved with the “A Tribute to the Arena” show at EVOLVE 10, where you were very vocal against former ECW/Hardcore wrestlers and you laid Sabu out to end the show and the lights turned out. There was a lot of feedback and buzz about what happened that night – did you have any regrets or do you now about what went down?

I don't regret a single thing I said or did that night...In the past 3 years I've made my name in that building. I felt if anyone should close it down, it should have been me...and that's exactly how it happened.

7. That led to a feud with Sabu that was very violent and personal in nature. During this feud a much darker side of Sami Callihan was seen. Was that to match the level of intensity in your feud with Sabu and as well A.R. Fox or was there something more to it?

That was a dark period of my life. When that side of Sami comes out, not even I can control him...

8. Shortly after that, you concluded your feud with A.R. Fox. Between the two of you, there were some very memorable matches. What are the highlights you recall during this feud?

Anytime I step into the ring with Fox is a memorable moment. We have grown so much together in the past years fueding with each other... and it helped make me the man I am today... AR Fox is the future... and I don't see anything slowing him down anytime soon.

9. It was at the conclusion of this feud and a bout with El Generico that saw you finally snap and as a result, get suspended for 5 consecutive shows from DG USA and EVOLVE (the longest suspension to date for anyone in the history of those companies). What caused you to snap?

Everything going on in DGUSA and Evolve...I was sick of the way I was being treated, and sick of losing. I was in a point where I hadn't won a match in months, and losing to El Generico was the final straw. Like I said before, when the dark side of Sami comes out, not even I can control him.

10. You now are set to return to EVOLVE 17 this Saturday night in Voorhees, NJ and live on iPPV at You will face Masada and it seems that the issue is very personal between the two of you (as seen in the Book It Cam footage here - You’ve been praised for how you have shown remorse and have served the suspension, but how can you temper that as you face a heated rival in just a few days?

The issues between me and Masada have been brewing for months... and at Evolve 17 we might destroy the entire building. I've wrestled Masada all over the world, and I've beaten him.... But all I hear is how he still thinks he's the baddest man in pro wrestling... He may be bigger then me, but you don't have to be the biggest dog in the fight to be the scariest!

11. Beyond Masada this weekend, what is next for Sami Callihan in DG USA and EVOLVE, especially on the “Road to WrestleCon” that starts officially on 9/8?

Championship gold... Fit Finaly was the one who told me at Evolve that I need to quit concentrating on all my hatred and focus it on wrestling. Him telling me I can be a champion lit a fire under my ass... and now that I'm coming back after a 5 show suspension... all I got on my mind is the DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Championship.

12. What “dream matches” are out there for you and what goals do you have for yourself in the next 1 to 3 years?

Dream matches of mine would be (against) Samoa Joe, William Regal, or Prince Devitt. Everyone's goal should be to be in WWE. So that is where I wanna be. If not WWE I wanna keep running things on the Indy's and becoming even a bigger player in Japan.

13. How can fans follow your schedule, keep up with matches you are involved in, get other updates/interact with you or buy merchandise?

TWITTTTTTTTERRRRR!!!! @SamiCallihan #DeathMachine

Thanks again to Sami for his time and responses! Check him out this weekend along with the rest of the talented wrestlers on the shows this weekend!

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