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3 Things About...EVOLVE and ROH iPPV's This Weekend!

Quick Head 2 Head Update:  We didn’t get a chance to get a React column up for Extreme Rules and we apologize for that.  Jim went 5-1 with his picks, while Tom went 4-2 with his picks, so Jim has tied up the competition with each Spot Monkey having a 16-10 record.  We’ll get back to our regular “React” columns with Over The Limit”.

We decided that we liked the “3 Things” format, so instead of just using it for live shows we’ve attended; we may also from time to time use it to preview or review other shows when we don’t want to go match by match.  So, here are our 3 Things about this weekend’s Evolve and ROH shows! 

Jim’s 3 Things For The Evolve Shows

1. Who will break out?

On Friday night, we will see Mike Cruz vs. Alex Reynolds and a three way with Caleb Konley vs. Jake Manning vs. Adam Page, then on Saturday, the two winners of those matches will meet in a one on one match.  At this point, I would bet on Alex Reynolds vs. Caleb Konley being the matchup on Saturday.  Can Reynolds or Konley use these matches to really break out from the young up and comers?  Konley definitely has an exposure advantage here with his membership in The Scene, and this weekend he’ll have guest manager Johnny Fairplay watching his back.  Can Reynolds overcome that if he really does make it to that match on Saturday?  I’m going to go with Konley winning the Saturday match after some shenanigans, but Reynolds is going to have a heck of a weekend either way! 

2. Can Jon Davis step up his game?

Davis has two HUGE matches this weekend as he faces Fit Finlay on Friday night, and then goes one on one with Low Ki on Saturday night.  To say these are his most high profile singles matches in his career would be a vast understatement.  This is a make or break weekend for Davis as a singles star, and if it goes well, he should shoot to the top of the card in Dragon Gate USA and Evolve.  Personally, I don’t know if he’ll win either matchup (though I think a win over Finlay is much more likely than over Low Ki), but I do think he’s going to look great in defeat if that is what happens.  He brings a brute force aspect to the roster that is missing without him, so I absolutely expect good performances from him this weekend, and for Davis to move up.  I think it’s his time! 

3. Who does Gargano face on Saturday night?

I love the idea of a four way with the winner getting a title shot, as I love anything that makes someone earn a title shot, rather than just randomly giving someone a title shot.  They’ve moved Chuck Taylor out of the four way, so it’s now Jigsaw vs. AR Fox vs. Samuray Del Sol vs. Ricochet.  Truth be told, I honestly haven’t a clue who will win this one.  I don’t think Fox gets the shot.  If I had to guess, I’d go with Jigsaw as a fresh matchup (though Ricochet getting another shot to have a better match than Evolve 10 could work too).  Either way, no way Gargano is losing the title at this point, not with a big money match with Taylor coming down the road.  So, the question will be, who is it, and how do we get there?

Tom’s 3 Things For The Evolve Shows

1. What’s up with Low Ki?

After the very match between Low Ki and El Generico at EVOLVE 11, Low Ki commented on the microphone that Generico “wasn’t as good as he thinks he is” and left the ring.  On the heel of coming back to pro wrestling in a major way and wanting to “take his profession back,” Ki has racked up a tremendous win streak and had very good bouts along the way.  With Jigsaw and Jon Davis respectively this weekend, does that trend carry on?  Will we get more of a picture on his seemingly brash attitude?  Will he encounter El Generico?

2. Del Sol’s Time to Shine

I’ll admit that our interview with Samuray Del Sol has sold me on him.  I liked what I saw in from the Miami shows and at EVOLVE 11, but getting the background story and knowing that there is more behind the mask is what really interests me.  He has a great shot this weekend to be an ally and challenger for Johnny Gargano.  I look forward to seeing what he does in the ring and beyond.

3. What level of violence will we see in Evolution’s End?

AR Fox and Sami Callihan will wrap up their issue that has gone on for over 1 year on Friday night.  With the newly introduced “Evolution’s End” Rules, Fox and Sami must obey the rules of EVOLVE in the ring, but on the floor it is ANYTHING GOES!  I’ve really enjoyed this feud and the matches between the two.  I feel like they will pull out all of the stops and give fans more than we can even expect.  It should be a wild ride!

Jim’s 3 Things for ROH: Border Wars

1. How awesome will the atmosphere be for Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen in Toronto?

I honestly think this is the biggest matchup that can be put together on the indy scene right now, and to do it in Steen’s home country is going to create a hell of an atmosphere.  Add in that this is Steen’s one and only ROH World Title shot, and now the near falls will mean so much more.  I won’t get to see the show live on Saturday night, and Sunday is booked solid, so I will likely see this sometime on Monday.  It will be killing me to avoid spoilers and not know, but it will be so worth it to see it play out without knowing.  I am sure we’ll have something to say next week about how this turns out either way! 

2. Will Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole steal the show?

All the attention is on Richards vs. Steen, and rightfully so.  But the match outside of that I am most looking forward to is Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole in a match of the two break out stars in ROH so far this year.  Both of these guys should be regular main event talents by the end of this year (and honestly, I think Elgin could be there now after the match with Richards at Showdown in the Sun), and I fully expect them to tear down the house on Saturday night.  Cole’s quickness against the crazy stupid strength of Michael Elgin will be a really fun style clash to watch play out.  If I’m a betting man, I go with Michael Elgin here, but perhaps Roderick Strong has interference that backfires and Cole gets the win leading to the break up of Strong and Elgin.  Should be great either way!

3. Will Tommaso Ciampa finally get pinned?

It sure seems like they are building to Ciampa getting his first loss here at Border Wars.  While I think it’s probably time to end the undefeated streak, I think it will be a huge mistake if Jay Lethal is the guy to end it.  Beating Ciampa in the middle of the ring should be a major moment in someone’s career, as he has been undefeated for over a year in singles matches.  Lethal is the last guy who needs a big win like that, so I personally hope they give Ciampa the win here and save the big loss for a guy like Adam Cole, or if they really want to strap a rocket to the guy…Matt Taven would be my choice! 

Tom’s 3 Things for ROH: Border Wars

1. WinSteenWin

Nearly a year of build up and we finally get Kevin Steen challenging for the ROH World Title and against Davey Richards.  I am personally buzzing over this match and know that the majority of my friends who follow ROH are as well.  With the expectations over the match, it will have to deliver to leave fans satisfied.  Can that occur without Kevin Steen winning the ROH World Title?

2. ROH takes iPPV in-house

After the problems with GoFightLive in Ft. Lauderdale, ROH will be going their own way with the presentation of the “Border Wars” show and it will come directly from  After a “test” of sorts on Wednesday yielded very poor results, ROH has got to get things right before Saturday.  They simply cannot afford the loss of goodwill with fans if this show for those who order on-line does not deliver.  I’ll be one of them, so my interest is very much vested.

3. The End

It comes down to a Fight Without Honor between Jay & Mark Briscoe and Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas.  The issue between these two teams has extended to its 15 month mark and we’ve seen almost every variation of match between the duos.  It will be resolved in the ultimate feud ender for Ring of Honor.  I expect a lot of blood and violence; I just hope it is good.

There you have it – plenty of wrestling options this weekend.  Order a show.  You will most definitely enjoy it!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

13 Questions with Samuray Del Sol!

Samuray Del Sol made his 2012 debut for Dragon Gate USA/EVOLVE in March.  He was signed and introduced as the "Mystery Luchador" during the big WrestleMania Weekend events.  Not only did he live up to the billing that weekend, he has quickly made himself a player in each promotion to be taken seriously.  He returns to action this weekend with EVOLVE 12 and EVOLVE 13 from North Carolina and those shows can be purchased here:

1. What are your early memories of wrestling growing and how did you get into pro wrestling?

I remember being in Mexico City , watching Lucha Libre on the television and my idol back then was Tinieblas. I then moved to the States and started watching WWE. I just became mesmerized by wrestlers; their physique and abilities were astonishing. I was always a very athletic child and I was very involved in sports. I was also involved in martial arts and gymnastics. I was so flexible I could do the splits on two chairs!

It wasn’t until my teenage years that I became more in love with wrestling. I remember speaking to my Mother while watching WWE on the TV and telling her "One day I’m gonna be a wrestler." Of course no one believed me.

I started training amateur wrestling when I was a freshman in high school and I became very good actually wrestling bigger guys that outweighed me by at least 30-50 lbs. I've always loved pushing myself to the fullest. I became so good that I started winning so many gold medals and competed at state level tournaments. During my senior year I was awarded a Gatorade Award for wrestling, as well as MVP. Once I graduated from High School I still wanted to be involved with wrestling and so then I decided to take it to the next level, I enrolled myself in a professional wrestling academy.

2. What was your training like leading to your debut in 2005?

I’m not gonna lie, training was difficult the first day and maybe the next, but after the third day I adapted more. My motivation to become a professional wrestler was so great that I learned so quickly and debuted on the American Indies after just two weeks, just that short training period. I was very limited to what I was learning because I had to stay with my class but I decided to take on Lucha Libre training at the same time. I wanted to keep my Mexican culture and wanted to be the superhero that I always dreamed of being as a child. I quickly learned that Lucha Libre was more of my style even though I loved the discipline being taught with American wrestling. I learned both at the same time, I was able to show my discipline and coordination with American wrestling and show my athletic and agile side with Lucha Libre. All these qualities combined created "Samuray Del Sol" at the beginning of 2006 and I debuted with my first ever Samuray mask.

3. With 7 years of experience on your resume, what are 2 or 3 highlights in your young career so far?

There has been many but I would say the best highlight of my life was being able to work small shots for WWE. Another great highlight was being able to work for AAA in Mexico . The worst would be my accident in April 2011 that caused me major post concussion syndrome but even that I was able to overcome and be back in the ring within two months.

4. You toured with AAA in Mexico beginning in July 2011. How did that tour come about and what was it like to perform and get the positive feedback you received?

That was a very great learning experience for me. I traveled all the way to Veracruz for a tournament that was taking place and was chosen as the best contender for the night. I received positive feedback from all the judges. They said "In this man, we see a lot of talent not only for AAA but to be a superstar in general, he can do anything he sets his mind to."

I then started doing some shows for them because they wanted to see more of my work. I was also training with all of the AAA roster and that was probably the best training I have received. I was able to learn so much in a couple short months. The training down there is amazing! In December, I was able to compete in the finals for the tournament and in result they announced that I have an open invitation to sign with the company at any time. Receiving that type of positive criticism just motivated me to keep training harder so that I can be the best I can be.

5. Your original opportunity with Dragon Gate USA came in September 2010 but it has been reported, while DG USA officials saw a lot of potential then, they wanted you to get more “seasoned” before returning. How did that feedback serve as a motivator for you?

With that feedback I was able to actually get more seasoned and stay in Mexico for a couple months. If it weren't for that I would not be where I am today. It motivated me because I knew I had the opportunity to reach the next level but I wanted my training and ability to be crisp and clean. I didn't just want to satisfied and be considered a "good worker." I wanted to come back from Mexico and “WOW” the American market. I received that appraisal and reaction after my debut match against AR Fox in CZW.

6. Fast-forward almost 20 months later and it is announced that a “Mystery Luchador” has been signed for the Miami events, which turns out to be yourself. Did you feel pressure coming in like that, knowing that fans can often set expectations very high? Add to that, you debuted against Dragon Gate vet Masato Yoshino and got a HUGE win – how did you process all of that?

To be honest, I did feel a bit pressured but that's exactly the kind of pressure that keeps me wanting to continue. If things weren't challenging I would not set higher goals. The pressure helped me reach another level and realized that I am capable of competing against anyone on the DG USA roster. After having such a big win, I knew that DG USA was a place where I can reach my maximum potential.

7. Coming off of the strong showing that weekend, you were scheduled to face Chuck Taylor (who has been outspoken against luchadores) and the match became a Three-Way Match, involving Johnny Gargano. You had a strong showing before Taylor eliminated you. How much do want to get back in the ring with Taylor?

I think Taylor is a great in the ring. I would jump in a heart beat for a one on one match with Chuck Taylor and the chance to even the score.

8. You get that chance in Charlotte for EVOLVE 12 on May 11th, as you team with Johnny Gargano vs. Chuck Taylor & Silas Young. How are you preparing for that match?

All of these contenders have been my opponents before and I know that my alliance with Gargano for this match will lead us to victory. I am preparing by doing what I do best: that's examining my opponents and using their weaknesses to my advantage.

9. The next night at EVOLVE 13 on May 12th, you are part of a Four-Way Match featuring Taylor again, AR Fox and Jigsaw. The winner gets a shot that same night against Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano. How do you physically and mentally prepare for the opportunity for two high-profile matches in one night? Do you feel like the issue brewing between yourself and Chuck Taylor could be resolved here as well?

Chuck Taylor and AR Fox are my some of my best opponents. As for Jigsaw, that's one opponent I will be examining more before I step inside that ring this weekend. We will see the outcome between myself and Taylor, I hope there is a fair fight.

10. No matter the outcome of EVOLVE 12 and 13, what comes next for Samuray Del Sol in Dragon Gate USA/EVOLVE? Is there anyone specifically on your radar?

The next opponent on my radar is Sami Callihan. He's one of the top guys on the indies right now. I'm always looking for the next challenge.

11. Who are some of your “Dream” opponents and matches you would be very excited to have?

I would like to have a one on one with Dragon Kid.

Outside of Dragon Gate USA, one of my dream matches is actually going to happen next month where I meet one on one with WWE Hall of Famer Mil Mascaras (June 1st, PWS)!

12. What are your goals for the next 1 year, 3 years and 5 years?

In the next year I hope to become a familiar star worldwide. I hope to be in WWE within the next three years and within 5 become the next best masked luchador. #luchaluchalucha

13. How can fans keep up with your schedule outside of Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE or buy merchandise?

Check out for schedule and merchandise, follow me om Twitter @samuraydelsol and connect with me on Facebook: Samuray Del Sol

Thanks to Samuray Del Sol and Dragon Gate USA/EVOLVE for the opportunity to feature him.  Don't forget to check for more information and order the shows this weekend at or via the link above.

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13 Questions with Davey Richards!

Davey Richards is seen by many people as the best wrestler in the world today.  He has held the Ring of Honor World Title since winning it from his friend, and former tag team partner Eddie Edwards at Best in the World, back in June 2011.  This Saturday night, at the Border Wards iPPV in Toronto, Richards faces his biggest test yet, as he faces Kevin Steen one on one for the ROH World Title, and the Package Piledriver is legal for Steen to use in this match.  ROH has announced that this is the only title shot Steen will get!  Richards joined us for 13 Questions as he heads into the biggest ROH Title Match in recent memory! 

1. Just before this interview you were scheduled to travel to Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling but were unable to travel due to being in an auto accident.  Can you update fans on what occurred and your health in terms of being able to get back in the ring?

Richards: Tony Kozina was taking me to the airport in Saint Louis and a guy behind us was texting and rear ended us. I’m ok, little whiplash but I’ll be ok. Sucks though as I had to miss my flight. I’ll miss no ring time.

2. How do you maintain the international travel schedule between Ring of Honor and New Japan, with balancing your training, diet and personal life?

Richards: Dedication. I’ve stepped off 13 hour flights to Japan into the gym; find BJJ schools wherever we are, gone to train at 4am before 7am flights, tons of hotel room workouts. Personal life has been tough, after a lot of trial and error I’ve realized I cannot have a personal life and maintain my schedule.

3. Do you have a “cheat day” and what does it look like?

Richards: Debauchery and gluttony LOL

4. You are approaching your 6th anniversary of your ROH debut.  You’ve done so much in that time from The No Remorse Corps to your Roderick Strong feud(s) to Sweet ‘n’ Sour Inc. to The American Wolves and feuds with Kevin Steen & El Generico & The Briscoes to finally winning the ROH World Title.  Do you have a favorite or outstanding memory or two from your run so far?

Richards: American Wolves by far. I’m more proud of that than anything else I ever have or will do.

5. What did it mean to finally capture the ROH World Title in June 2011 at “Best in the World” in Manhattan?  Did the fact that you defeated long-time partner Eddie Edwards add to the feeling?

Richards: It was closure, a lot of personal closure. It was a turning point in my life that I’m glad I got to share with Eddie and my close friends.

6. Past ROH World Championship reigns have been marked or footnoted by specific things (Samoa Joe making the belt a recognized World Title, Bryan Danielson & Nigel McGuinness having upwards of 35+ successful defenses during their reigns) – As you approach 1 year as champion and currently have 11 successful defenses to date, do you have a desire to challenge for either of those “records” or do you have other aspirations to have your title reign be remembered by?

Richards: More than anything else I just want to be remembered as a good person. Someone who gave it their all and led by example.

7. Your match with Michael Elgin in Ft. Lauderdale at “Showdown in the Sun” is being praised and heralded as an early Match of the Year candidate.  What does that mean to you and what were your thoughts after that grueling match?

Richards: All praise to Michael Elgin for that match, he was the star. I was merely part of it.

8. Do you have “Dream Matches” that you would like to see happen or are there title defenses you hope to see get scheduled in ROH?

Richards: Kevin Steen.

9. Your road to the ROH World Title had a very important step when you battled Tyler Black in Toronto in June 2010.  What memories do you have of that match and how do feel about returning to Toronto as defending champion now?

Richards: Returning to Toronto as champion is great as Toronto is a very special place for me because it’s where this journey to the World Title began. But that’s the only thing that really will be different. Still go out hands up chin down and fight.

10. Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title is a match that has seemingly been brewing from the minute you won the title.  How have you prepared for this match being on Steen’s “turf” in Toronto and with the Package Piledriver being made legal?

Richards: I asked for it to be legal. I don’t fear it, nor do I fear him. I’ve been hit with his piledriver before. Steen is on my turf, he’s in a ROH ring. He’s in the lions den.

11. Kevin Steen has been very outspoken about your training in Jiu Jitsu and more outside of pro wrestling as well as you being a “teacher’s pet” of sort of Jim Cornette. Are you defending Jim Cornette and ROH from the wrath of Steen as much as the ROH World Title?  Does that strike a personal chord with you and is it more than just psychological warfare from Steen?

Richards: I can guarantee Steen talks to Cornette more than I do. I don’t involve myself with any office personal, hell I barely do interviews. I’m a private person who would rather let his actions speak for themselves. I do train and love BJJ. I feel I do not have to justify my actions to anyone, especially since the reality of the situation is I was a better wrestler at 10 years old than Steen will ever be. I was winning state titles when Steen was learning how to drive a car. I’ve spent more time on a wrestling mat than Steen has in a donut shop, which is saying something.

12. Following “Border Wars” on May 12, where does Davey Richards stand in the ROH landscape?

Richards: A fighter, as I’ve always been. Love me or hate me. I will fight all those who oppose me.

13.  How can fans follow you outside of Ring of Honor, keep up with your schedule or buy merchandise?

Richards:  Well, I don’t do Twitter anymore.  I do have a Facebook.  Also if any wrestlers want to train and travel with us, we have an apartment here where they can do that.  Some come and stay a couple of days, some a month and others move here.  They can e-mail me at for more information.

Two Spot Monkeys would like to thank Ring of Honor and Davey Richards for the chance to do this interview!  Be sure to catch Ring of Honor’s Border Wars iPPV this Saturday night, May 12th, available at! 

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3 Things About...ROH & Chikara: "Synergy"!

We thought we’d try a new feature here at Two Spot Monkeys.  We’re going to call this one “3 Things About…”  Whenever one of us (or both of us) attends a live wrestling show, we’ll post “3 Things About…” for that show.  Three thoughts we are taking away from the show.  This isn’t a match by match rundown of the show, you can find those all over the ‘net.  This is just what we thought of the show, well, at least 3 things we thought of the show.  So, without further adieu, here are my 3 Things About Chikara: Hot Off The Griddle, and both Tom and I share our 3 Things About ROH: Unity!

Jim’s 3 Things About Chikara: Hot Off The Griddle

1. Mixed Martial Archie

~Mixed Martial Archie may be the best comedy act going right now in wrestling.  He was absolutely hysterical in his matchup with Kobald.  And the crowd was right there with him.  The “Better Than Brock” chants were awesome, and he played it up perfectly.  When he pulled Gavin Loudspeaker into the ring for a “post-match interview” before the match ended (since he’d presumably “knocked out” Kobald, but didn’t pin him), it was just priceless.  Will he ever be Grand Champion of Chikara?  Not likely.  But, as a mid-card comedy act in a company that embraces comedy characters, he fits perfectly!  Check him out if you want to enjoy yourself! 

2. Kingston/Steen just getting started!

~When they had Eddie Kingston vs. Kevin Steen go on with 2 matches still to come, I was wondering what was up.  And when they did the DQ finish, at first, I was really ticked off, as this was a match that I was really looking forward to on the show.  However, I thought about it some more, and Kingston/Steen isn’t a feud that you do one match with and then you’re done.  My guess is that we get a rematch at the Chikasauras Rex iPPV on June 2nd, and I for one would be a huge, huge fan of that idea.  Kingston and Steen had a great start to a feud on Saturday afternoon, but it has just gotten started, I look forward to “Round 2” whenever that happens!

3. Del Rey vs. Generico – MOTY candidate?

~As mentioned in my preview for this event, I was very much looking forward to this matchup between two of the best in the world today.  I wasn’t sure how it would end up, but I was very interested.  Well, if I hadn’t seen Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin a month ago, I would likely be singing the praises of this match as the Match of the Year.  I definitely think it needs to be in the discussion.  They had a GREAT back and forth match, and Generico didn’t take it easy on Del Rey at all.  Her chest was beet red from the chops he was laying in, and you could tell she was just loving it.  I absolutely think this is a match that you should pick up the DVD to check out, it was that good.  Best match on either show on Saturday in Chicago, by a mile. 

Tom’s 3 Things From ROH “Unity”

My first ROH show in just under one year. The roster has changed. No more Kings of Wrestling, no more Christopher Daniels, no more Colt Cabana and no more Homicide. Core names that fans could connect with are gone and in most cases having greater success. ROH is still finding its identity as a TV and iPPV product that runs house shows taped for DVD. Here are three things I take away from last Saturday night.

1. Is the Magic Gone?

~ROH was often can’t miss live. You absolutely knew you had to be there live because something awesome was going to happen. I am not sure that the same can be said anymore in all circumstances. Just a month ago, Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin captured everything that is and ever was awesome about ROH. It enthralled fans. It was dramatic. It left fans wanting more. With the sale of ROH last may to Sinclair Broadcast Group, it changed the identity and presentation of this great company. Don’t get me wrong, it is still great. It is a different and more selective great.

On a personal level, it is a lot like peanut butter & honey sandwiches. I love PB & H. Unfortunately, not every PB & H I make is the most satisfying. Sometimes it is the bread, sometimes it Is not enough honey, but I still eat it. That is how I felt Saturday. I was happy to be at ROH live and in the front row, but it was more of a miss than a hit and it left me wondering if, indeed, the magic was gone?

I will never stop being a Ring of Honor fan. I’ve been here since day one and will be until the final day. Change always happens – good, bad, in between – and I hope as ROH continues to change they have more good than bad and in between. I just didn’t feel that way on Saturday.

2. Hop on the Bravado Bandwagon!

~Home in the United States and North Carolina from their tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH and training in the NOAH Dojo, Harlem and Lancelot Bravado returned to ROH last weekend. When their match with The Young Bucks was announced, I was excited because I had the belief it would be a good match. I was wrong. It was a very good match! The Bravado duo was given a lot of opportunity during 2011 and to a lot of fans probably felt shoved down their throats. Remember, unless you are an established name, ROH fans have had a hard time accepting you in the ring over the years. The Bravados faced that, if not more because they came from the ROH Wrestling Academy. Other than Rhett Titus, the Academy has not produced an active wrestler who is a “star” or puts on “four star plus matches.” I even read a comment recently when the Bravados returned that people abhorred the thought that they had come back and no NOAH talents came along for a shot or tour with ROH.

Well, if you saw them in the ring with the Bucks on Saturday, you would sing a different tune. Despite Lancelot getting chants of “Justin Bieber” or Harlem getting “Vote for Pedro” chants and dated Napoleon Dynamite references, The Bravados were very crisp and polished in the ring. And before you counter argue “well, they were in the ring with Matt & Nick Jackson!,” I would still say that they are a new team, with the tour benefiting them greatly and hopefully they can infuse some freshness into the ROH tag division.

3. Battling the Chikarmy

~The “rivalry” with Chikara began in January and came to the end of it’s first chapter in Chicago, with the Synergy doubleheader. Jim had the great opportunity to attend both and I am excited for his feedback here. This is a good opportunity to cross promote each promotion and give wrestlers the chance the opportunity to get more booking opportunities. So far in ROH, we’ve seen Jigsaw & Hallowicked & The Colony in the ring. Chikara got the opportunity to book Eddie Kingston vs. Kevin Steen and will have a Ring of Honor team appearing at their June iPPV.

For ROH, this past Saturday, their trio of Jay Lethal, Adam Cole and TJ Perkins fell to The Colony, with TJ taking the fall. By design or not, TJ Perkins has been at the center of the in-ring goings on with Chikara. I don’t think things ended on Saturday. I certainly hope I am right. I would love for Eddie Kingston, Ultramantis Black and more to make their way into ROH rings. The opportunity for fresh matches and a real sense of “rivalry” to be reborn in ROH exists. I hope that those who are creatively in charge have the vision to make that continue and come to life.

Jim’s 3 Things from ROH “Unity”

1. Hire BJ Whitmer – NOW! 

~If there was any doubt that BJ Whitmer deserves a full time slot in ROH again, he erased that on Saturday night with his performance in the No DQ tag with Generico against Steen and Jacobs.  He was absolutely on point, and took a beating, while dealing one out as well.  His T-bone suplex through the table with Jacobs was a thing of beauty, and it was cool to see him get the pinfall for the victory.  Whitmer can fill a role of a grizzled veteran who can absolutely hang in the ring with the top stars today, and can also be called on for a crazy brawl when need be.  Whitmer impressed me greatly on Saturday night, I was glad to see that they announced in Tuesday’s newswire that he’ll be on more shows going forward, he more than deserves it. 

2. Chikara and ROH should allow talent to work both

~Chikara has a number of guys (Jigsaw, Hallowicked, Kingston, The Colony – both in tags and singles, and Sara Del Rey) who easily can fit in the ROH world, and they should work to allow those stars some more bookings by working for both companies.  Both companies have great fan bases, and who doesn’t love to see fresh matchups?  This would allow both companies to have fresh matchups for their cards.  Plus, seeing the Briscoes in Chikara as the guys who just want to kick ass, and not get into all that “comic book crap” would be incredible as well.  Briscoes for CDP if you ask me!!!

3. WGTT needs some time off

~I have been feeling very “eh” about World’s Greatest Tag Team for quite some time.  I just don’t feel like anything they are doing is that special anymore.  While they are heels, and they shouldn’t be wowing me with their work to a point that I start liking them…they just bore the hell out of me anymore.  I think it’s time for ROH to cycle them out for a bit, and keep the matchups fresh.  Honestly, after the Fight Without Honor, they shouldn’t face The Briscoes again for ANY reason for at least 12-18 months.  We’ve seen them face each other what seems like a million times, and honestly, it’s gotten way old.  So, if they do stick around, no more Briscoe matches.  But honestly, it’s time for them to take some time off and see if they can freshen things up when they come back down the line. 

So, that’s what Tom and I are thinking about after the ROH and Chikara shows this past weekend.  Join us again on Thursday for our React column looking at Extreme Rules!  Also, we hope to have a very special interview posted next week as well!  Lots going on here at Two Spot Monkeys!