Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tough Enough Thoughts

Well, Andy did it.  I thought he might, and as the finale went along, I was more and more sure that they'd go with him.  Congrats to him, and here's hoping he gets a shot to make his mark in this business somewhere down the road. 

I really liked the profiles they did on Andy and Luke at the beginning of the finale.  Didn't really see "another side" of them (other than Luke crying) but we saw that what you see is what you get with both guys.  I worried about whether Andy's family would be able to handle the grind, but his wife seems to be 100% on board and understands what it will mean.  I hope that's true, and wish them nothing but the best in their future. 

I was REALLY disappointed that we only got a highlight clip of the matches each had with Bill DeMott.  They had built that up so well, and then to just see the highlights was a big let down.  They should have cut some time elsewhere and showed the full matches.  From what I've read from Richard Trionfo over at our friends at PWInsider.com it sounds like Andy outshined Luke in the matches with DeMott, so maybe that was why they didn't want to show the full ones.  But still.  Inexcusable if you ask me.

While I didn't see the slap coming, it didn't shock me...and I don't think there was anyone watching that didn't see the stunner coming from a mile away.  I hate that they do that...but knew it was coming. 

Now the question is, does Andy go to FCW and get some more seasoning, or do they bring him directly on to a roster and see what he can do there?

So, did they get it right?  Was Andy the right choice?  I think Luke will get a developmental deal as well...how about you?

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  1. With Andy having a developmental contract before the show, it makes me wonder if it was rigged from the beginning. I do think Andy has potential and came on strong at the end, but Luke seems to be the more complete package at this stage (even though I'm annoyed by his gimmick).

    The good thing about the Tough Enough series is the WWE found a few people that could turn in valuable players on a WWE roster. I think Luke Robinson, Martin Casuas, and Jeremiah Riggs are almost certain locks to get developmental deals. Cristina Crawford and AJ Kirsch both had developmental deals prior to the series and I can see both getting a new deal. Eric Watts, Rimka Fakih, and Ivelisse Velez all have a decent chance of getting a developmental deal as well.