Friday, March 1, 2013

ROH 11th Anniversary Show: 3 Things I'm Watching!

Ring of Honor presents it's 11th Anniversary Show this Saturday night live on iPPV from Chicago Ridge, IL, and I will be there live in the front row!  I thought rather than take a match by match look at the show, I'd just take a snapshot of three things I'm looking forward to on the show tomorrow night.  Here we go!

1.  SCUM - Are they taking over?  And where does Kevin Steen stand with them?:  Steve Corino still is talking about the end of Ring of Honor, and that Ring of Honor will die on iPPV this Saturday night.  Yet, Kevin Steen said on the television program this past week that since Jim Cornette has left, Ring of Honor has turned back into what it used to be, and he's now proud to be Ring of Honor World Champion, because that was all he ever really wanted.  These two points of view are obviously at odds with each other and I expect we'll see it tip over the edge on Saturday night.  There are rumors running rampant that there will be at least one new member of SCUM debuting at the iPPV, which has me wondering who it could be.  I hope against hope that it is NOT Matt Hardy.  His issue with Adam Cole doesn't need SCUM to be involved and frankly, I would feel like it was the nWo B-Team starting up if Hardy came into it with no real reason behind it.  Could it be someone from the outside making their way into Ring of Honor?  Time will tell, but besides just the wondering of whether Steen will hold on to the Ring of Honor World Title in his matchup with Jay Lethal this Saturday night, I think a whole lot more is going to play out to help setup Supercard of Honor next month!

2.  The American Wolves vs. The Forever Hooligans:  I am REALLY looking forward to this matchup.  I know it isn't quite the "dream tag team encounter" that ROH built it up to be, as most people wouldn't have picked this matchup if asked "what is your dream tag team match you want to see".  But, all four guys in this are really good, if not great, and I know they are going to bring it on Saturday night!  Both are also established teams that have teamed for a while (even with the break the Wolves took) so the teamwork should be superb as well in this matchup.  While there are certainly a few contenders on paper, this could come out as the Match of the Night without too much trouble!

3.  Roderick Strong vs. Michael Elgin in a 2 out of 3 falls match:  I said there were a few contenders for possible Match of the Night honors, and this one looks like an early favorite as well.  Two guys that are great in the ring, and have great chemistry are going to get time to tell a (presumably) 3 fall story on iPPV!  This has a great "old time" feel to it and should bring the goods.  Strong has gotten the best of Elgin at almost every turn, so I have to believe Elgin gets payback here.  I also love that Truth Martini is not going to be involved in this, as this feud doesn't need Martini in the least, just let these two all stars go at it! 

All this and so much more with the Briscoes defending the ROH World Tag Team Titles against redDRagon of Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly, Adam Cole defends the TV Title against the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament winner Matt Taven, who seems to have formed an alliance with Truth Martini, a No Holds Barred match between Charlie Haas and BJ Whitmer, SCUM vs. C&C Wrestle Factory, and a Six Man Mayhem with 6 hungry up and coming ROH stars...all for just $14.99 on iPPV tomorrow night!  To order just head on over to and order up the show, it's sure to be a great time!  I'll be back next week with a look back at the show!

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