Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ROH Best in the World Preview & Head 2 Head Update!

First of all, a quick update on the Head 2 Head Competition after Payback.  I went 6-2, while Tom went 4-4, extending my lead to 26-8 to Tom’s 21-13.  With a 5 match lead for me after the halfway point, Tom’s got his work cut out for him!  Tom is away on business this week, so I wanted to take a quick look at this Saturday’s ROH Best in the World iPPV coming to you live from Baltimore!  Some good matches set for this weekend, so let’s take a look!

BJ Whitmer vs Mike Bennett

They’ve built this one nicely for what it is, a short undercard feud giving these two guys something to do.  I’m wondering at this point what the situation with Bennett is as far as his future goes.  If he is signing with WWE, it’s been kept quieter than Sami Callihan & Samuray Del Sol’s signings were, but yet I’d still be surprised if he didn’t get signed.  Alot of the outcome of this match is hingent on that in my eyes.  If he is leaving, no chance Whitmer loses.  If Bennett is staying, I think he could pull it out.  

The American Wolves vs Adrenaline RUSH

This could be the match where Adrenaline RUSH breaks out.  I like the team name for Thomas and ACH, and since it seems right now all the singles stars are programmed elsewhere, I like keeping them together as a team and giving them a name.  The Wolves always bring it, and I expect this to be a hell of a battle.  I’d love to say Adrenaline RUSH would get the win here, as it would skyrocket them perhaps, but instead, I think the Wolves sneak one out just barely and then put Adrenaline RUSH over afterwards.  

Michael Elgin vs Tommaso Ciampa

I don’t quite get why this is on the iPPV and Ciampa/Marshall is at the TV Taping.  Don’t get me wrong, this will be a VASTLY better match than Ciampa/Marshall, and maybe that’s why, but that issue has been built so well that Ciampa killing Marshall would have worked on the iPPV maybe more as far as storylines go.  I think they could have saved this too and had a slower simmer to a matchup that could have been huge down the road.  The other problem here is who loses?  Elgin seems to be heading to a title shot in Toronto, though I’d rather see it on iPPV.  Ciampa has just come back and you really don’t want to beat him cleanly yet I don’t think.  So, my guess is that Marshall comes out and interferes and “screws up the match” leading to both Ciampa and Elgin beating him down.  

Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole

These two would seem to be incapable of having a bad match, so, I get putting them together here.  Combine that with Cole not shaking Roddy’s hand after Roddy beat him in San Antonio, and you’ve got a very interesting story here about where Adam Cole’s head is at.  Now that we know Cole is staying with ROH for the forseeable future, I love that they are investing in him, and would love to see him as ROH World Champion by the end of the year, unless Elgin gets it before him and gets a good run, they both deserve it.  Roderick Strong seems a bit lost in the shuffle right now, but while there isn’t much storyline going on for him, he’ll put on a hell of a match here with Cole.  If I had to guess, either Cole gets the win by some sort of interference from Corino, or Strong gets another win to cast more doubt in Cole’s mind.  

Kevin Steen vs Matt Hardy

This is another match where for me it’s tough to pick a winner.  This is basically the culmination of Steen going through each member of SCUM, so it would make sense to have him win.  Yet with Hardy getting a World Title shot the next day on the TV Tapings, it would seem you’d want to keep him strong.  Of course if he’s going to win the title, you could say that since Steen beat him at the iPPV, he’s first in line for a shot at Hardy...but alot of that is up in the air depending on the outcome of Steel Cage Warfare at the TV Taping as well.  Either way, I expect this to be a heated match, with the crowd firmly behind Kevin Steen, and I’m going to go with Hardy getting the win after interference from Corino and maybe the rest of SCUM.  

Matt Taven (C) vs Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jay Lethal

I don’t see Lethal having a shot here, mainly because I don’t think he should be in the TV Title mix.  I either see Taven retaining (which would make sense going into Night of Hoopla) or Jacobs winning it to put gold in SCUM, after all, by Sunday they may have all the gold in ROH.  I tend to feel like that’s what’s going to happen here.  I’d rather see Taven keep the title as I think they are building him nicely and a good long run with the title will help with that, but instead, I see Jacobs taking the title here.  

reDRagon (C) vs. Rhett Titus & Cliff Compton vs Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

Part of me says they’ll put the tag titles here on SCUM as well, but I really really hope not.  I am really digging redDRagon as champs, and want them to continue their run for a while more, and I think they’ve more than earned that right.  That being said, SCUM winning two titles in one night and with the chance to win the World Title and control of matchmaking at the TV Tapings does seem to make a ton of sense storyline wise.  I expect this should be a really fun match, but in the end, I see Compton & Titus walking out the champs sadly.  (Prove me wrong ROH!)

Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe

This should be a hell of a battle!  I can’t really see any way Mark wins the title here, unless it’s to drop it immediately to Matt Hardy on Sunday, but I’d rather see Jay just keep it if that’s the plan for Sunday.  I think the attendance of the Briscoe Clan will be very interesting to watch.  Will they try to keep the Briscoes from just tearing each other apart?  Or will they just let them go at it?  I like that they’ve built this match up as Mark just being tired of Jay always saying he’s going to beat everyone’s asses, and standing up to his big brother.  No real hate, just a little brother saying “ok, enough, let’s do this!”  While I won’t see the card live due to work obligations, when I have the chance to catch it about a week later, I will be very interested to see how this all turns out!

So, there you have it.  Who do you think will win the big matches at Best in the World?  What are you excited to see?  Leave a comment here, or drop us a note at our Facebook page and let us know!

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