Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Future Endeavored...

Often fans see the blanket statement released from the WWE. "We wish (insert wrestler here) wish me the best of luck in my future endeavors”. The reasons behind firing are numerous. Many times it seems because creative doesn't have anything for the worker at the moment. Which also brings up the question, shouldn't the creative team be fired for not coming up with anything? I wont get into that discussion right now.

This is why when I see guys in the WWE on the verge of breaking through the glass ceiling constantly getting stopped or ignored by creative, well it just simply annoys me. Doesn't the WWE want them to suceed and make money for the company? My focus today is on one person from each WWE brand that I feel creative is dropping the ball with.

After nearly twenty years in the business the man finally won one the big titles, The World Heavyweight Championship, at the Extreme Rules PPV. He then dropped the belt to Randy Orton on Smackdown a few days later, in a really good TV match.

Sure it could be part of bigger storyline. Christian may turn heel, he may stay face and battle the new poster boy of Smackdown in Orton. There are many ways the story could evolve. Perhaps even leading to a Chris Jericho return. But more than likely Christian will NEVER be as hot as he was after the PPV when the guy finally obtained his dream of becoming a WWE Champion.

Christain is all around good guy to have the roster. The man can work in the ring. He can talk. Why not give him a couple months and see what happens instead of cutting his legs off before given a chance.

Zack Ryder
This guy has taken a mediocre character and transformed into the most entertaining worker you never see on TV. He took it upon himself to try and get noticed by make a YouTube show, Z!, True Long Island Story
, which gets a tremendous amount of hits. It's usually five minutes of pure gold. Yet he cannot get put in a storyline or even a match on RAW. He seems to have the support of his co-workers. And many fans are clammering to see this guy on TV. They want him. Now.

Zack could be a great mid card act. But he is being ignored by creative. A sad affair.

Fans have voiced their opinions via Twitter, Facebook, and other outlets getting behind these workers. The writers should pay attention to social media. It's a vital part of today's society, especially with the all important 18-35 male demographics.

Give the fans want they want.

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