Monday, May 2, 2011

Re-Launching RAW – Post Draft

With the Annual WWE Draft and last night’s Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View behind us, the WWE Universe has shows/brands in RAW and Smackdown set to re-launch and re-sculpt the landscapes that have been familiar for the better parts of the last year. Today I will take a quick look at RAW with a handful of feuds I see as opportunties in the coming months.

John Cena vs. CM Punk & The Nexus

This was an issue that I was extremely interested in seeing develop earlier this year more than it actually did. I believe that with the WrestleMania build that had to occur, WWE pressed “pause” on this and went with an Orton-Punk feud instead.

Despite rumors that CM Punk may choose to leave WWE instead of re-signing a new contract in the near future does not take away that he is an absolutely tremendous heel and can get people to care about him (read: hate him), no matter what.

With Cena re-capturing a WWE Title again last night, he needs another new challenger that he be at his level from the start. Instead of rushing into what I think will be a huge feud for RAW (Cena vs. Del Rio), this feud would give someone that could play fantastically off of Cena and also have terrific matches. It would be a fitting way to have Cena dispatch The Nexus (allowing those talents to go in new directions) and send CM Punk out memorably (if that is the case), while giving a good 2-3 month feud that would produce entertaining TV and good matches, and ultimately letting Cena shine in the end.

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Once again, a feud that still has mileage left from the parts of it that were featured on Smackdown. With Del Rio being foiled now on two, back-to-back occasions from becoming a champion, I could see him crank up the intensity here and look to end Rey’s career.

Rey is one of, if not the best superstar on RAW to continue to elevate Del Rio and get him primed for the future Cena-Del Rio feud. Again, this could make for great TV and excellent matches on PPV.

John Morrison & Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz & R-Truth

I list this is a tag team format, though I think there are many parallels that can be draw and match-ups created from any combination of these four.

Of course, The Miz will want to be at the top of the heap and again gun for John Cena and his title, but revenge on John Morrison and also a chance to take Kofi’s title as well.

R-Truth has been quickly rising since snapping and destroying John Morrison a few weeks ago. Not only is there unresolved matches against Morrison, but I think Truth vs. Kofi for the United States Title also could be really good.

Kharma vs. The WWE Divas/Beth Phoenix

Kharma made a big debut last night at Extreme Rules and put the Diva locker room on notice. I see her running throw the “fancy” Divas until finally meeting her challenge in Beth Phoenix. For me, this is the most anticipated women’s feud/match that WWE has had in years.

Miscellaneous Talent

There are also some great “young guns” on the RAW roster that can add a lot to the brand. Many of them being heels makes me think that someone will need to turn and be “re-branded” themselves, but Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and Ted DiBiase all have a ceiling that hasn’t come close to being reached. Add Evan Bourne to the mix and it is easy to say the mid-card level should be chalk full of good match-ups if nothing else…with the hope coming from this fan that they choose to do more and permanently elevate some to main event status.

Check back tomorrow where I will do this same thing, looking at Smackdown post-draft and what I see on the horizon for that show/brand.

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