Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Looking at the Smackdown Money in the Bank Match

Let’s take a look at the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match scheduled for this Sunday at the Money in the Bank PPV! 

First and foremost, I only really see two true possibilities in this match for the winner…but, we’ll go through each just to see if there is any hope for the rest of them! 

Sheamus – To me, Sheamus is completely the  odds on favorite to win this match.  He seems a reasonable next challenger for Orton, and deserves to be in the title picture.  He is one of only two men in this match who have held either the WWE Title or World Heavyweight Title, so this could be a match where we see a newcomer get a rocket strapped to them…but, I don’t see that here, I see a return to the top for Sheamus.

Wade Barrett – WWE has been high on Barrett for a while, but they just book him like crap most of the time.  He’s absolutely a guy who could make it as a top guy, but only if you stop with the recycled story of a group that doesn’t know if they want to follow him.  Just have him out on his own, without any lackeys and let him be the star he can be.  I would give him the second best shot of winning Money in the Bank this Sunday on the Smackdown side.

Daniel Bryan – Look, I’d absolutely LOVE to see Bryan win it.  I’m a huge fan, and would love to see him get used in a higher position than he is right now, but he’s embroiled in a feud with Cody Rhodes right now (which could elevate both if done right), so I don’t see any hope of him winning this match.

Cody Rhodes – Rhodes to me is the #3 choice to win this match, but he’s a big time dark horse.  I think Rhodes could get to the top of the card, but I just don’t think he’s quite there yet, and to jump from a somewhat meaningless feud with Daniel Bryan to the Money in the Bank briefcase holder doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Rhodes this year.

Kane – Always a threat, and you never know.  He did win it last year, so much like The Miz, he could become the second guy to win it twice in a row.  Kane seems to be in a holding pattern right now, and I don’t see anything other than a good power spot or two out of him here, no chance he wins.

Sin Cara – He’ll fly off something really high, and hopefully not kill himself or anyone else in the process.  If he hits it, it’ll be a great spot for highlight videos.  If he misses it…well, it will be par for the course unfortunately.  Cara has a long way to go.

Heath Slater – Slater could be a future star, but not this year.  I do hope he has a good showing though.

Justin Gabriel – See: Slater, Heath.  Same thing here.

So, what do you think?  Is Sheamus the odds on favorite as I believe?  Or someone else?

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