Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paul Kurtzman

October 1st, 2011, almost 2pm EST. Scott calls and asks if I have heard the horrible news. Knowing Scott and his penchant for goofing around, I knew that was not the case here because of the cold tone in his voice. "Bro, RVT is dead" were the words he spoke and as I lay in my bed that afternoon taking in some college football, the stunned silence that existed between the two of us was numbing.

I met Paul Kurtzman or RVT (Robin Von Trapp) of the message boards we frequented together over the last 7 or so years, in the Summer of 2006. He opened his home to me in Quincy, MA when I traveled to be a part of the ROH swing of final Bryan Danielson shows on the East Coast (see photo above; Paul has the dark beard). He was a good, genuine guy. His moral compass was set right. He was selfless. And on October 1st, 2011, his heart stopped functioning the way it should have and he went to a better place.

It has taken me a while to put words to this reflection because of a number of reasons. Why did this happen? Why am I so angry? Why do we have to suffer loss? How can I lose a second close person to me in just 7 months, my Dad having passed away in March?

I grieve the most for his wife Julie, his kids and his friends. Paul would not want me to. He is fulfilling a higher purpose that God wants him to elsewhere. I am greatful for the times I shared with him, for his friendship and his blessing on my life. I only hope that I was able to return that in some way to him. Paul's passing has shined greater perspective on both my immediate life and the way I view many relationships. I will always cherish the memories that we shared earlier this year in Atlanta during WrestleMania weekend. My trip to the airport on my way home was shared with Paul. He was as gracious as always and I struggle now with the vision that will remain of him heading to an opposite terminal with his luggage rolling behind him.

For the many friends, including Jim, that Paul shared with me, we will honor him and his memory when we gather. I will remember him because of ingrained memories from great times. I will honor him with silence and a glass raised often.

RIP Paul Kurtzman

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  1. A beautiful piece, about a man who simply was just a good person and an even better friend. Our hostility over his passing only exists because people that good shouldn't go this young. He did everything right, we all admired Paul for his tolerance and amazing ability to handle responsibility. This world is worse off without Paul in it. I'm gonna really miss him in the future, even more than I already do.