Friday, February 17, 2012

Head 2 Head: WWE Elimination Chamber

We’re back with the second installment of Head 2 Head here at Two Spot Monkeys! Just a reminder of the stakes: Tom and I are competing to see who can be more successful predicting the outcome of the matches at WWE Pay Per View’s this year. Whichever person loses will have to purchase a shirt of the opponent’s favorite NFL team and wear it to the first show Tom and I attend together live in 2013. Currently after the Royal Rumble, I am 4-4, and Tom is 3-5. Let’s get to our look at the Elimination Chamber! (Fair warning: Smackdown Spoilers appear in the thoughts below!)

Divas Title Match
Beth Phoenix (C) vs. Tamina Snuka

JIM: They have done a nice job of building up Tamina over the last month or so, and I love her now using her last name as well. When someone is a 2nd generation superstar, and they are presented as that, but don’t use the same last name (or one at all), it comes off weird to me (don’t get me started on Michael McGuillicutty’s name). That being said, I really think we are headed towards Beth Phoenix vs. a returning Kharma at Wrestlemania, so I just don’t’ see any way Tamina gets the win here. Down the road though, I could absolutely see her with the Divas Title. My prediction is Beth Phoenix in this one.

TOM: From seeing the re-tweets that WWE is sending via Twitter, they are really pushing Beth Phoenix as truly unbeatable. I do like the idea of Tamina utilizing her family name, but in the end she will be another notch on the champions resume of successful defenses. My prediction is Beth Phoenix.

Ambulance Match
John Cena vs. Kane

JIM: This could be my favorite match of the show, but only because it means this awful storyline will finally (hopefully) be over! It has been painful to watch a bad horror movie play out for a couple of months now, so it is nice to know it ends this Sunday. Ultimately, one of these guys is in the main event of Wrestlemania facing The Rock, and the other isn’t. No question here, my prediction is John Cena.

TOM: My wondering is “Can the maximize the storyline here of Kane getting John Cena to ‘Embrace The Hate’?” That is what I was hoping for at Royal Rumble and based on TV it had continued to challenge Cena in that regard. Aside from the “stunts” that this match should feature, that is my biggest hope. On the flipside, if Cena does indeed embrace hate, what does that really mean? That he’s successful in beating Kane? That he is really ready to face The Rock? We shall see and I am not holding my breath in hopes that the story concludes in any satisfactory way. John Cena wins and that is my prediction.

World Heavyweight Title – Elimination Chamber Match
Daniel Bryan (C) vs. The Big Show vs. Santino Marella vs. Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes vs. The Great Khali

JIM: With Randy Orton’s injury meaning he’s going to miss this match, to me, the only way you can go is Daniel Bryan retaining and go with him and Sheamus at Wrestlemania. You can then either have Orton/Barrett, or somehow work Orton into a three way with Bryan and Sheamus. Big Show has another match already in the cards for ‘Mania (I’ll keep this spoiler free for those who don’t know who he’s facing). I just don’t see Barrett or Rhodes walking into the biggest show of the year as the World Champion, not in their first month as champ. Both will be World Champion someday, but this is not the time. And Khali and Marella have no chance in hell, so honestly, the only way they can go here is Daniel Bryan winning this match. Whatever they need to do to setup their planned Mania matches, do it after this one (unless it’s just Bryan/Sheamus planned, in which case, this is easy!) My prediction is Daniel Bryan.

TOM: What a rough 3 month stretch for Randy Orton, huh? Missing him in this bout puts a lot of spotlight on the other talents and with that spotlight, comes pressure. Compare the star power in this match to the RAW bout and it also pales in comparison. I see Santino getting “Kofi’d” like a few years ago with Edge, but with Mark Henry or possibly Alberto Del Rio getting the other spot. Henry’s inclusion would really allow the story between he, Show and Bryan to wrap up. Del Rio could be the star power spark that this match needs. No matter what, I am eager to see the match play out. I also predict Daniel Bryan to win.

WWE Title – Elimination Chamber Match
CM Punk (C) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth vs. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

JIM: Another match where there are only two real possibilities here. Ziggler, Truth, Miz and Kingston are all good talents and the quality of this match will likely far exceed the quality of the Smackdown match, however, there is no chance any of those four win the title here. Punk vs. Jericho at Mania is obviously where they are going for Mania, so the question here is, does Punk retain the title here and head to Mania as the defending champion, or does Jericho somehow win the title and Punk gets his rematch at Wrestlemania? I can really go either way with that one, as you can create a great story out of either one. Hmmm…I guess my official prediction will be Chris Jericho winning the title here, somehow “stealing” it from Punk.

TOM: This is the match I am most interested in. It speaks very loudly on how those involved have been built and positioned heading into this contest. I share the same ideas to an extent, as Jim. As big a fan of Dolph Ziggler as I am, this is not yet his time. This will come down to Punk and Jericho and while historically this show (be it called Elimination Chamber or its former name, No Way Out) has often shaken up the champions headed into WrestleMania, I am going to side with the “surprise” of both champions being successful and heading to Miami as defending their titles. CM Punk is my pick here, but Jericho will still oppose him at WrestleMania!

There you go – it will be another close weekend for picks.

Can Tom pull neck and neck with Jim or will Jim extend his lead?

Check back early next week for ‘REACT.’

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