Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Wrestling Bucket List

So, we all know the idea of a “Bucket List”. The things you want to accomplish before your time on this earth is done. Today, we want to take a look at our “Wrestling Bucket Lists”. That is, what are the things as a fan of pro wrestling that we each think you should do before you leave this earth. Some of the things we may have already “accomplished”, which we will note, but certainly, some are yet to happen!

Jim’s Wrestling Bucket List

1. Attend Wrestlemania Live – CHECK: It is the “granddaddy of them all”, and the biggest show in pro wrestling each year. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the current WWE product, you owe it to yourself to check out the pageantry and atmosphere of it at least once. And hey, there are always a bunch of other wrestling themed things happening in the city it’s in each year too, so a perfect time to check out a ROH or DGUSA show, or Axxess, or something else. I’ve been lucky enough to attend Wrestlemania 23, 24, 26 and 27. I certainly plan to make another few in the years to come!

2. Attend a WWE live event in Madison Square Garden: It’s WWE’s home base, and likely the most famous wrestling venue in America, and next to maybe the Tokyo Dome, likely the world. I would have loved to have made it there before the renovations, but alas, it didn’t happen. I hope to someday make it to at least one show there.

3. Get a picture with your all time favorite wrestler if possible – CHECK: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is my all time favorite, and I had the chance to meet him at a ROH show in 2004. Really an awesome moment for me, the picture came out somewhat dark though, as the guy I asked to take the photo of us didn’t use the flash, and it was a disposable camera, so I was unaware. It’s an ok photo, but I would love the chance to update it.

4. Attend a live event at the “ECW Arena”: Well, this one will likely never be fulfilled for me, as it seems we have seen the last of shows at the Arena, but, honestly, this has been on my list for quite a while. Perhaps one day shows will return there and I’ll get a chance.

5. Be sure to sit in the front row for a show – CHECK: I’ve sat all over the arena for shows, and there is just nothing like sitting in the front row. You may have a chance to interact with the wrestlers and of course, no one (outside of camera guys and managers) are in your way! Do it, if only for an indy show!

6. Attend the Royal Rumble live: To me, the Rumble is always a favorite match to watch, and I would love to see it live. This year it was actually close enough, in St. Louis, but due to a variety of reasons, I wasn’t able to go. Hopefully it will be back in the Midwest sometime in the next few years and I can get there to check it out!

I am going to take a little different direction from Jim on my list, in that I am listing things only that I have yet to accomplish:

Tom’s Wrestling Bucket List

1. Attend a WWE live event in Madison Square Garden: As Jim states, it is the “home” venue of WWWF/WWF/WWE and the most famous venue in the United States. Be it a pay-per-view, TV event or a house show, seeing wrestling at MSG is a big goal of mine. Having been in NYC for ROH many times before, I’ve walked right by this venue. I hope my next time is to attend wrestling there!

2. Attend a WrestleReunion Weekend in California: This just wrapped up for the year a little over 1 week ago, bringing Dragon Gate USA, Pro Wrestling Superstars and Pro Wrestling Guerrila live events, wrestling legends, photo opportunities and so much more. It comes across like such an amazing weekend and one as well that challenges your “wrestling stamina.” I really hope, maybe as early as next year, to get to L.A. and take one of these in.

3. Attend a live Pro Wrestling Guerrila event in Reseda: Now, you may ask why would see PWG twice, especially if you can see them at WrestleReunion? Well, based on the DVDs I have watched, there is no venue and atmosphere that comes as close to capturing the “magic” of what the ECW Arena had from 1995-2001 than PWG and their venue in Reseda. No ring barriers, the potential for wrestlers flying your way and the overall involvement (including banging on the mat) just draws me in each time I watch and makes me want to be there live.

4. Attend a live UFC event: Diverging a little from the “wrestling” theme of this list, I am throwing a MMA event on here. UFC has run once in Detroit since the growth of the company and I could not hit that event. I imagine they will run again in the Motor City, but even in surrounding areas like Chicago, Indianapolis and more, I would like very much to see the best in MMA clash live.

5. Attend SummerSlam live: This is an important item for me, as I was once planning to go to SummerSlam in 2009, but life events caused that to not occur as planned. Having attending WrestleMania twice and The Royal Rumble once, to me SummerSlam and attending live would complete the trifecta of the “big” 3 for WWE events.

6. Meet John Cena: This may shock some people - I am a really big Cena fan and supporter. He comes across as one of the most genuine wrestlers and I feel like his “character” is more of who he is in real life than possibly any wrestler before him. Getting a chance to meet Cena would be an opportunity to see the larger life person who comes across on WWE programming up close and personal.

So, there you go. Jim and I have opened up and allowed you a peek into our worlds. What is on your personal bucket list as it relates to wrestling? Leave a comment below or “Like” us on Facebook to bring the conversation over there!


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