Saturday, October 12, 2013

Battleground React & Head 2 Head Update!

Neither Tom nor Jim were able to watch Battleground live, so just some quick observations from reports and the highlights shown.  Before that though a quick Head 2 Head update! Jim went 7-2, while Tom went 6-3 at Battleground, so that brings the year to date competition to a strong 10 match lead for Jim, with a 52-16 record to Tom's 42-26 record!  With only three shows to go, Tom needs to obliterate Jim in each of these shows to come back!  What strategy will Tom employ to try and do that?  Be sure to tune into our Hell in a Cell Head 2 Head in a few weeks to find out!  Now, on to the observations!

After a PPV that had it's finish nullified the next night on Raw, and having fans so upset that the result they paid to see was overturned that they asked for (and some even got!) refunds from their cable company, did WWE really just do a non-finish on the next PPV?  Wow, are they clueless?  I get that they want to set up the big controversy so that there is a definitive winner at Hell in a Cell, but man, glad I didn't pay $45+ for a show that ended the way many episodes of Raw end.

Love that the Rhodes are back!  Cody has been great in this storyline and Goldust has had his working boots on no doubt.  Lots of rumors of an eventual Cody vs. Goldust feud, which would have to be very cool for each of them.  I think Cody vs. Goldust makes a perfect match for Wrestlemania 30!

Punk wins (which neither of us thought would happen), but cheats to do so, allowing for another follow up match.  Ok, that works I guess!  Ryback just can't get a win against Punk in his life can he??

Antonio Cesaro is stupid strong...that is all.

We're hoping to line up some exciting things here at Two Spot Monkeys in the weeks ahead, stay tuned here on the blog, as well as on our Facebook Page and on Twitter (@twospotmonkeys) to see what they are!  Thanks for reading!

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