Tuesday, April 8, 2014

An Important Announcement

Hey all!  

After Wrestlemania, which Tom and I both loved, and were both stunned at the Streak ending, our current Head 2 Head competition looks as thus…Tom went 5-4, while Jim went 4-4 (dang Super Cena!), which means they are all tied up at 16-8 a piece!

With that being said, we have an important announcement to make about Two Spot Monkeys.  As you know, this began back in February of 2011 (hard to believe it’s been 3 years we've been at this!) as a labor of love for both Tom and Jim.  Frankly, Tom and Jim love talking about pro wrestling and love talking about MMA.  And they are great friends who love talking about it together.  So, what better way than to give ourselves a forum to do just that.  Along the way we even took it a step further and got to interview some of the top independent wrestling names going today, some of whom now work for World Wrestling Entertainment, and if we had to bet, a few more of the guys we've interviewed will one day be signed by WWE as well.  

Even with our passion for wrestling and MMA, which has not died down in the least, the fact of the matter is that the last three years have brought changes in our personal lives.  Jim got married, Tom had another child, Jim picked up a second job, Tom switched jobs, and both of us just generally have gotten busier and busier.  It has gotten harder and harder to find time to collaborate on posts for the blog, or especially for podcasts, which we've had so much fun doing.  Honestly, when you’re doing something like this “just for fun” and not making any money on it (nor were we trying to make any money on it), it will always fall down the list of priorities in life.  Even with that said though, we also didn't want to ever “half ass” things, as we have always striven to give you, our readers and listeners, the best content we possibly could.  

So, for now, Tom and Jim are announcing that Two Spot Monkeys will be going on an indefinite hiatus for the time being.  We don’t want to say we’re shutting it down, as we always have hope that one day in the future, things will slow down and we can find the time to do this again, as we really do both love doing it.  But, we know that right now we can’t keep the quality level up where we want it given the great things going on in both of our personal lives.

We should be clear in stating that this is not any reflection on our friendship, we are still the closest of friends and have come to this decision jointly and are in total agreement with one another.  We do hope that from time to time, we can resurrect Two Spot Monkeys perhaps with “Special Editions” or something like that as news and our time warrants.  Also, we do want to let you know that Tom will be fulfilling the bets for the 2012 and 2013 Head to Head competitions, wearing a Bears T-Shirt to the next wrestling show we attend together, and shaving his head completely bald for it as well!  We’ll be sure to post a picture of that here on the blog, and on our Facebook and Twitter sites as well when it happens (hopefully late this summer).  

With that, we bid you farewell from Two Spot Monkeys for now.  Thanks to everyone who has read our blogs, listened to our podcasts, given us time to interview them, or even ever shared a link to our site.  We truly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.  See you all at the matches!

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