Thursday, April 7, 2011

ROH: 3 Things I'm excited about, and one not so much

Thought I’d take a look back at the last weekend, Wrestlemania weekend, and take a look at the three companies I saw shows from (ROH, DGUSA, and WWE) and specifically look at three things that I am excited about coming out of the weekend, and one thing in each company that I’m not excited about at all.  Today we kick it off with Ring of Honor! 

Ring of Honor had two events, both on iPPV over Wrestlemania weekend, and I thought they hit a home run with both of the events.  Friday was one of the best shows I’ve seen from ROH in a long, long time!  Saturday was great as well, maybe just a touch below Friday, but you can’t go wrong with either show!  Here are three things I am excited about coming out of the weekend! 

1.  The elevation of Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole:  O’Reilly and Cole had two OUTSTANDING tag matches against The Briscoes on Friday and the Kings of Wrestling on Saturday.  They looked awesome in both tags, and in both cases, I absolutely believed they had a chance at winning, and they made me realize they are on the level of those two better known teams as far as match quality goes.  They are skyrocketing right now, and I easily see them as tag champs down the road.  Honestly, it won’t shock me if one or both of them don’t end up as the ROH World Champion before all is said and done.  The most likely thing to stop that will be if Cole gets a call from WWE, which I fully expect he may in a year or so.  O’Reilly’s size will always work against him a bit, but he’s going to be in the Davey Richards/Bryan Danielson mold if he continues to develop on the road he’s on right now.  So excited for both of these guys, and especially their team!

2.  Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards:  I like the way they started the build to this match.  It could have been so easy to have Richards turn on Edwards out of jealousy, but ROH didn’t do that, instead building it a bit like the Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair match was build for Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando, when Richards (Michaels in this case) said he didn’t want to be the one to end Edwards dream…and Edwards (Flair) wanted to know why Richards was so sure that he would win in the first place.  Love it, it’s built off of competitive fire and the desire to be champion.  Not every storyline has to be a blood feud, and Delirious seems to get that, and I love seeing a World Title contested in a simple storyline of “who is the better wrestler”.  Not to mention, the match should be amazingly good! 

3.  The return of the “old” Homicide:  Homicide has not looked like himself for much of his return to ROH.  It’s obvious he’s been battling injuries, and just hasn’t been the Homicide we’ve come to know and love.  Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of his match with Roderick Strong at the 9th Anniversary Show.  But this weekend he looked good again…looked motivated, and looked fluid in the ring.  Not sure if the injuries healed up, or if he just found a way to work around them, but there was no question, he looked so much better, and it was good to see.  I also love that they had him put over Tomasso Ciampa as well, helping to build a new star along the way.  Since he could be feuding with the Embassy going forward…could he bring in some back up?  Would be interesting to see! 

Now that we’ve taken a look at the good, let’s take a look at something I’m not so excited about…

Christopher Daniels joining the House of Truth:  Daniels as a heel is always a good thing, but the last thing Daniels needs to be is a follower in a group, following a manager who does most of the talking.  Daniels is light years ahead of Martini on the mic, and should be leading a group.  Now, maybe I’m jumping on this too soon, and maybe Daniels will end up being more of the mouth piece of the group, but with as great of a promo as Daniels is, it would be a shame if Martini started to do most of his talking for him.  I also hope he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle with Roderick Strong being the top guy in the group.  A Daniels/Elgin tag team is interesting in the short term, but not something long term for either guy I wouldn’t think. 

All in all, ROH is clicking on all cylinders right now, and I can’t wait to see where they go next!  Cary, Delirious, and all of the wrestlers in ROH deserve a huge pat on the back for a great weekend of shows in Atlanta!

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