Monday, April 25, 2011

WWE 2011 Draft Preview

Thought I'd take a quick look at who I think may get drafted tonight on WWE's annual draft show.  I'll be back later in the week to see how I did in my predictions, and look at the future of those who actually were drafted.

Possible New Raw Stars

Alberto Del Rio - It's fairly obvious that those in charge of WWE are very high on Del Rio, and I think they’ll bring him to the “A” show.  Del Rio is really strong in the ring, and is a great talker as well, so he'll do well on Raw.  

Beth Phoenix - Rumors are swirling that she's heading to Raw, and that would make sense, since the Divas title seems to be more of a focus there than on Smackdown lately.  Phoenix has been criminally under used lately, hopefully a new start on Raw would be a good thing.  This would also set up the possibility of Kharma (the former Awesome Kong, who appears headed for Raw) taking on Phoenix down the road, which has the chance to be all kinds of awesome! 

Cody Rhodes - His evolution into this darker, psychotic character has been very well done, and I think it's time to see him on the "A" show and see if he can fly.  Rhodes has a ton of potential, and I think we're just starting to see what could be a breakout year for him!

Drew McIntyre - He's not involved in any storylines on Smackdown currently, but judging from them booking him last week over Masters, it appears they are still high on using him.  McIntyre could freshen up the mid card heel side of Raw, and eventually could make his way up the ladder on Raw.

Heath Slater - I think The Corre is going to get split apart, and with Slater shoving Gabriel down last week, we could see him go out on his own.  He reminds me of a very young Edge...I'm not saying he'll be that good for sure, but let's see if he can hang as a singles guy.

Jack Swagger - He's involved in the Cole/Lawler storyline, which is a Raw storyline, might as well bring him back over to Monday nights.  Swagger deserves to get a push back up the card after this as well.  He's damn good, and with Cole as a mouth piece for him, he could go far!

Jim Ross - Don't know if he's even eligible to be drafted, but if Cole is going to move into full time character, as it appears he has...we need Ross back on Monday.  Nothing against Josh Matthews, who's done a fine job, but Ross is the best, period. 

Justin Gabriel - I think Gabriel completes the splitting of The Corre, but he'll come over and turn baby face rather quickly.  He's never really clicked as a heel, but I think has a future as a, let's see it happen here on Raw. 

Possible New Smackdown Stars
Daniel Bryan – We really haven’t seen Bryan much (and not in any real meaningful way) since he lost the US Title to Sheamus, challenged him to a rematch, and then got that match bumped off of Wrestlemania.  He’s a small fish in a big pond right now on Raw, so I think a move to Smackdown where he could have some great matches would be a good thing.

David Otunga – I see the Nexus being broken up much like The Corre, and I think Otunga needs to come to Smackdown.  It’s obvious they are going to keep him around due to his marriage to an Oscar winning actress, so put him on Smackdown where he can develop over time.  At times I think he might have the “it” factor…so, let’s see if it can shine on Friday nights!

Evan Bourne – Again, a guy who isn’t doing much on Raw, but has a lot to offer in the ring, so put him on Smackdown and let he and Mysterio have a series of matches with each other over who is the best high flyer on Smackdown. 

Michael McGuillicutty – I think McGuillicutty has a ton of potential, and is a good in ring worker.  But he’s buried as the fourth (at best) most important member of the New Nexus behind Punk, Ryan and Otunga.  Send him to Smackdown and call him “More than Perfect” or something.  Maybe drop the stupid McGuillicutty last name too.   Keep him as Michael if you want, but call him Michael Hennig then…please. 

Randy Orton – Losing Edge, and Undertaker not being around means Smackdown needs at least one top babyface in the draft.  Cena isn’t coming over, so I expect Orton to head over to Smackdown and be at the top of the heap for the next year. 

R-Truth – A new heel turn means a new life…and it will work better on a new show.  Truth blows off (no pun intended) his mini-feud with Morrison tonight on Raw and then gets drafted over to Smackdown where he can work on that cardio that seems to be an issue now for him! 

Ted DiBiase – A year ago, I figured DiBiase would be the breakout star between he and Cody Rhodes.  Obviously, I was 100% wrong.  I don’t think that’s DiBiase’s fault though, as he’s done well in everything he’s been asked to do.  Unfortunately, he’s been asked to basically get his ass handed to him for the better part of a year.  Send him to Smackdown and start the rebuilding process.  No more losing streak please!  This guy can be money….let him be that!

The Miz – I’m debating greatly on this one.  If Del Rio is to win the World Heavyweight Title and bring it to Raw with him, then the WWE Title has to go to Smackdown.  Honestly, the only way I see that happening is if they shock the world and put the WWE Title on Morrison, and he’s drafted here.  So, if Del Rio is going to win the World Title, then Miz has to come to Smackdown (again, let’s be honest, Cena ain’t leaving Raw).  But…Christian could win the World Title too (and I’m starting to lean that way) which would probably leave Miz on Raw, where I think he belongs…so consider this about a 25% shot in my mind.

Tyson Kidd – Had a bit of  HBK/Diesel thing going with Jackson Andrews, but lost his push totally when they decided Andrews wasn’t ready for prime time yet.  Send him back to Smackdown and let him feued with Kofi Kingston over the Intercontinental Title (once Barrett drops it).

Yoshi Tatsu – Need some mid-card movement.  Tatsu is never on Raw basically, so send him to Smackdown since he’s already on NXT each week, at least he’ll be touring with the right company. 

Do you agree with my picks?  Who do you think might move?

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