Friday, February 25, 2011

Future Hall of Famers

With the Hall of Fame coming up on Wrestlemania weekend, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the current roster and see who has a shot – in my eyes – at being in the Hall of Fame.  Now, this is just based on their past and current standing in the company.  Rather than go through the entire roster person by person (and making this the longest post yet on Two Spot Monkeys), I figured I’ll focus on those I see who have a shot.  So, without any further adieu, here we go! 


John Cena, Randy Orton, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Edge, Big Show, Booker T, Rey Mysterio & The Undertaker

What more can be said about these guys?  World championships all over the place, and main eventing major cards…these guys all deserve it, and without question, will be in the Hall.


Kane – I almost put him in the shoe in category, as I do see him getting in without question.  A long run with a gimmick that when it started, I thought would last a year or two.  He went through many gimmicks, and finally found one that worked, and has been a upper mid card to main event guy ever since. 

Teddy Long – I think with as long as he’s been Smackdown GM, McMahon will put him in down the road.  He had a little success as a manager in WCW as well as his referee career as well, so, a long time member of the business who’s always reinvented himself when needed. 


CM Punk – Who would have thunk it?  Barring some sort of major injury that ends his career prematurely, this guy is headed for the hall.  He’s the best heel in the business right now, and honestly, I don’t see him letting go of that moniker for a long time.  Another WWE Title run or three and it’ll cement his place.

The Miz – I place him here because while he hasn’t done enough yet, he really does strike me as this generation’s closest thing to The Rock.  If he can have half of the success that The Rock had in his shortened wrestling career, he’ll waltz into the Hall after a long and hopefully great career. 

Michael Cole – Now, let me say that I don’t personally think he should make it…but, Vince McMahon is obviously a huge fan of his…so, I assume he’ll continue to be pushed (to the detriment of, you know, actual wrestlers), and eventually “the voice of WWE” will enter the Hall.  Blah.

Sheamus – I debated on him.  I think he’s got a shot…and if he can stay healthy and not get lost in midcard hell like he seems to be now, I think he’ll be a Hall of Famer down the road…but, he could slide off the list depending on booking for sure. 


Goldust – Long career, won plenty of titles, and has been a good worker.  He was really helping younger guys on Superstars before his last injury.  I could see him making it certainly.

Mark Henry – Longevity plays in here…never has been pushed as a real World Title contender…but, if Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Koko B. Ware can get in…Mark Henry just might make it.

William Regal – Really should get in even though he’s never been a world champion in a major organization.  One of the best in ring hands ever, and has had a hand in training guys as well.  When Regal is focused, I’ve rarely seen a bad William Regal match (again, when he’s focused). 

So, who did I miss?  Disagree with anyone I have here?  Think Regal is a shoe-in?  Think Sheamus doesn’t belong?  Comment and let me know!


  1. These are guys who are on the current WWE roster. There are many guys who deserve to be in who aren't yet...that are already retired (or dead). That wasn't the point of this article.