Thursday, February 10, 2011

Looking at the ROH TV Title Situation

For a myriad of reasons, I don’t see Christopher Daniels holding on to the ROH Television Title for a long period of time.  So, let’s take a look at the contenders for that title (or at least those I consider contenders!) and see who is most likely to beat him for the title. 

Eddie Edwards – The first ever ROH Television Champion, who had a good run with the title.  Edwards seems ready to break through to the main event level in Ring of Honor, so I’m not sure a return to the TV Title would be in his best interest at this point.  That being said, once the 10 Minute Hunt silliness was over, Edwards did have some good TV Title defenses, but I’m not sure he ever had that epic defense that would have defined his reign.  His best match as champ was likely the match he lost the title in.  So, a return to the title, this time looking to have a more memorable reign, could be a possibility. 

Mike Bennett – “The Prodigy” has already been inserting himself in Daniels’ business, so it’s clear he’s in the picture here.  Bennett has come in with a ton of fanfare and is obviously someone the company is behind and is going to push.  Could a TV Title reign be part of the plan to push him up the card quickly?  It could be, but I’m not sure Bennett is ready to hold a title in ROH.  Earning a title so quickly in ROH is something very few have done, so it could work to push him as something special…but it also could backfire and have him met with resentment for pushing Bennett down the fans throats too quickly. 

Steve Corino – While Corino hasn’t made any comments about becoming a champion, with his new “I want to do the right thing for business and the right thing for the young guys” persona, could he win the TV Title and show the young guys the “right way” to be a champion?

El Generico – It seems right now that ROH is going to have El Generico in the main event mix, so he might not fit here, but without much trouble I could easily see Generico as TV champ, and could see him having great matches along the way.  Generico seems to adapt well to whoever he is in the ring with, and could be a great person in the role of a great worker who could work with the younger guys in feuds around the TV Title, seeing then who was ready for the move up the card. 

TJ Perkins – Perkins is a dark horse in this discussion right now, but ROH has apparently been impressed with him.  I’m not sure they’d push him right to the top of the card right away, so a stop off in the TV Title “division” might not be a bad spot for him.  Perkins against almost anyone else on this list would be a really fun match to watch!  If Perkins commits to ROH more regularly, I could see him in the TV Title mix rather quickly. 

So, who do you think will take the title from Daniels?  How soon do you see him losing it?  Do you like him as TV Champ?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section!


  1. I think the belt goes back to Edwards on the PPV. He and Bennett trained together so I think they'd be great together in an ROH ring.

  2. 2 questions:

    1 - Isn't Generico going to TNA?
    2 - Shouldn't they just do away with the belt if they have no TV show?

  3. I'm loving that we're getting some discussion going here...tell your friends...LOL.

    @Jeff - I didn't realize Edwards and Bennett trained together. Interesting...

    @Johnny - Generico MIGHT be going to TNA, nothing is signed by any means yet from what I've read. As for whether they should do away with it, maybe...but I think a secondary title is really important, so I hope they don't. They could still get on a TV channel. Or, they could start doing more matches on the Videowire and call it the Internet Title or something awful like that. I don't know...I think the title sticks around for now though (whether they have TV or not).

  4. I might be the only one, but I DON'T want them to do away w/ the TV Title.
    It still serves its purpose as an undercard belt. Just because the name has 'TV' in it, and they lost their TV deal, doesn't mean they have to completely get rid of it. For one thing, they're possibly getting a new TV deal. For another, they run iPPV's on a website called gofightlive.TV.
    So boom.
    Like the article though. Would totally love for Corino to get it, liked your idea up there.