Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quick UFC 126 reaction, DG USA and my Super Bowl pick

UFC 126 from Las Vegas delivered last night. I had the fortune to watch it with my brother in law and 2 other friends who practice martial arts actively. I always enjoy watching MMA in general and often more so when there is a diverse group of people to watch it with. They all bring their own unique perspective and opinion to what transpires inside the Octagon.

Last night was about Anderson Silva and his Middleweight dominance coming up against the fistic fury of Vitor Belfort. My opinion on this fight going in was that Belfort would engage Silva and push the pace. This would force "The Spider" to do more than just posture, juke and jive. Taking nothing away from the man because he has proved it...but the paying UFC fan has had the right to be a little fed up with seeing Silva do that when they tune in to see him in the main event and in his past bouts there has been a little too much of the former and not enough of a killer instinct that Silva has displayed before.

Well, that killer instinct was on full display less than 4 minutes into the bout last night and holy cow did he do enough to at least silence me for the time being. Hopefully you've seen the bout or at least the highlight of that wicked front kick that buckled Vitor and signified the end. With the Middleweight Division now virtually all run through (maybe Michael Bisping could challenge), it looks like a date for Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre is inevitable (GSP needs to beat Jake Shields first) and I could see that fight possibly as early as December and it could very well be the biggest fight in MMA history.

A few other quick hits: Forrest Griffin seemed rusty and he should have, but Rich Franklin just looked old to me. I will be interested to see who Forrest gets next. He against Rashad Evans is very marketable, but I don't know if that is the most balanced match making considering Evans is a title contender now and is being hampered by his knee injury. That leads me to Jon "Bones" Jones and his dominance over Ryan Bader. Bones just completely controlled the entire bout last night and took Bader, who I was really impressed with in all of his previous fights, to make him look way out of his league. By virtue of the win and the previously mentioned Evans injury, Bones skyrockets to the title fight for the light-heavyweight title against Shogun Rua in just 6 weeks. That bout should be excellent.

I wanted to share that I did just get the two newest Dragon Gate USA DVD releases, Untouchable 2010 and Way of the Ronin from last September. I will likely be diving into these this week and will be back with thoughts on those shows here, of course. These were the final shows where Bryan Danielson appeared for this company.

Lastly, of course, today is Super Bowl Sunday. Green Bay Packers v. Pittsburgh Steelers. I am expecting a great game and hope it lives up to my expecations. I am having some great food and beverage with family during the game and really am excited for it all. Of course, I can't wait for the commercials too! Here is my pick: Steelers 30, Packers 24. I will either come back to gloat over that successful pick or will eat crow...but that is the next entry. Where ever you are planning to watch the game, enjoy and be safe!

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