Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome, Part 2

Following up on Jim's entry, I too echo his thoughts and sentiments about this blog. Without attempting to repeat what he has already shared, I do want to state that I am very excited about this venture and hope that it can be an enjoyable read for those who come by here and possibly choose to follow us.

I've been a fan of pro wrestling for over 24 years. I think of that as I type those words out and it really strikes me that for nearly a quarter century I have been enamored by this crazy sport and crazy business. My first ever memory and the angle I credit as the beginning of my "fandom" occurred on TV in November 1986. I was at my Dad's house on a Saturday and flipping around the channels. Without question, 90% of the pro wrestling memories from my childhood are connected to my Dad. After my parents divorced, the weekends with my Dad were highlighted by pro wrestling...but that is another story for another time. WWF Superstars was on whichever syndicated network carried it in our area and I saw Randy Savage crush the larynx of Ricky Steamboat with the blue ringbell against the barricade. I was completely blown away by what I was seeing unfold before me! Savage was a mad man and no one could stop him to help Steamboat. From that moment on, I was hooked and both Steamboat and to a lesser extent Savage always carried a special place in my pro wrestling memory reserve. Interestingly enough, because of lack of opportunity to see "live" wrestling either in person or on pay per view at that time, I would not see the legendary match at WrestleMania III between the two, which that angle was the beginnings of, until 1989/1990 on VHS.

Since that initiation to this sport, I've followed as much as I can (and even too much, in some cases) though today. WWF Magazines, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter, Wrestling Observer Newsletter and then finally the expansion of the internet have all been my vehicles to follow, get my information and feed my appetite. I've traveled to numerous states and seen numerous shows, from WrestleMania to a local indy in a middle school gymnasium (with a pre-WWE D'Lo Brown appearance)...and there doesn't seem to be any sign of stopping, just evolving, as it has year after year.

I feel that is a good intro and a good start for now. I too, like Jim, also follow MMA, with UFC getting 90% of that. I am excited for UFC 126 tonight. Can Anderson Silva finally finish a fight and not "toy" with his opponent? Is Vitor Belfort the challenger to unseat "The Spider?" Which young star is ready to take the next step: Bader or Jones? Can Forrest Griffin or Rich Franklin keep building themselves back up as they work towards another title shot? I'll be headed to Buffalo Wild Wings with family and friends to watch the PPV portion and will also come back with post-show thoughts as well.

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